Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (4.5)

This movie has everything you are looking for and so much more. I was completely blown away for the entirety of this film. I was shocked and awed, disgusted and compelled, sad and angered.

Michael Nyqvist plays Mikael Blomkvist who is a journalist who is called onto a 40 year old murder case. Noomi Rapace plays Lisbeth Salander who is the girl with the dragon tattoo and who is disturbed but the best at what she does: hacks and researches. Through a series of events they join teams and you will not believe what they find together.

Story was...just...wow. Writing like this hurts my chest it's so good. Mind you the book is incredible but the screen play was NOT a let down. At all.

Michael was so good in this movie but completely invisible when Noomi entered the scene. That woman can ACT. A big thing for me is watching the eyes of an actor. You can tell if they believe it or not. She was so far into this role...man. I never once questioned her. Superb.

Thrill. Action. Drama. Humour. Horror. Scenes that will disgust you and make you want to vomit. Amazing story. Amazing acting. Chest heaving suspense and an ending that had me in tears.

Uhh, so, obviously you MUST see this movie. It's one of my new favourites for sure. Hands down. I want to give it a 5 but I found the beginning a little rough/slow but that's my only complaint. That is it.


Monday, June 28, 2010

For Neda (3)

A documentary about Neda, the woman who was shot during the protests following the election in Iran in June 2009.

I will be honest here and admit that I had not heard about this story until I watched this movie. I was glad I did watch it. Mostly for the facts about Iran and the laws the women and people there have to follow that I was not aware of. Especially all the strict rules and laws for the women, which is what this movie really focuses on.

I know this will be awful to say because the story is moving and I do feel an emotional connection to Neda and the story but I was pretty bored. The images they showed were okay. The interviews could have been a lot better I feel and the movement between the scenes didn't really work for me. I think they could have formatted this a bit better. The best part (meaning the worst part) besides the information they give was all the live footage they found to put into this film. It's worth watching it just for that.

I've said it before but I'll restate that I think everyone should watch more documentaries, even the bad ones. They are never really bad because you always learn something new. Always.

I am glad I watched this but I was a little distracted and bored at some points by what they decided to show (even if that is horrible to say). Could have been way better in my opinion yet the information and some of the footage was horrifying and a must see/know.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Valentine's day (3.8)

Liked this movie waaay more than I thought I would. I thought it was going to be really painful and annoying but I had to give it a shot. Yet, it surprised me. Only some of the characters did nothing for me while everyone else's story had me glued to the screen.

It's about Valentine's Day. That's the story. It's a story within a story within a story within a...and I love it when they do that! Every character is connected some way or another to one another. Some of those are shocking (mostly those revealed near the last 30 minutes of the movie) and some you expected but it was still good to see.

Favourite parts/people/stories: Ashton Kutcher was the best part for me (man, I'm lovin' him these days. Weird), Anne Hathaway (always loved her, she cannot do wrong), I actually liked Jennifer Garner in this movie (which usually isn't the case), Bradley Cooper (so good, I'm starting to really like what he does!) and even Julia Roberts has a little something something.

Amazing cast...I mean, everyone is in it. EVERYONE.

Bad parts: Jamie Foxx (Just...no...), Jessica Bile oh I mean Biel (I liked her more in this movie than any other movie she has done though), Jessica Alba (suiting she plays a bitch) and Taylor Swift. Just, why? Brutal.

But the other people made up for what the bad guys were lacking.

If you like chick flicks you will like this film. It's like a million chick flicks in one movie and some of the characters will make you laugh, sigh and tear up.

Cannot decide between 3.5 or 4. I mean, I loved some of these stories and was laughing quite a bit but then sometimes...


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Knight and Day (4)

What a ride, this movie is so much fun!

I don't want to tell the story because I will say some spoilers if I try (at least I feel that I would)

I actually enjoyed Tom Cruise in this movie. A part of me was even strangely attracted to him...which is, interesting. I will say that his age is finally starting to show but it looks good on him. Cameron Diaz was awesome in this movie. I can't say I've ever been a fan of her but I enjoyed her this time around. Her character was appealing so that helped a bunch.

The action was awesome. There was WAY more action in it than I thought which was a nice surprise. Some of the lines were hilarious. I was grinning like a fool for 80% of the movie because of just...wow. Wouldn't it be cool if this movie came true for you! So much fun.

The main plot itself wasn't interesting to me at all. In fact, I didn't care much about the core story at all. I cared about Roy (Tom Cruise) and June (Diaz) and how they were together. Those characters made this movie. Solid.

A nice, light and fun film to end the day. Entertaining as hell and with a lot of really good scenes.


Friday, June 25, 2010

The Science of Sleep (4)

Man, what a good movie. So different and unique.

About Stephane who constantly confuses his dream world with reality. Enter Stephanie who moves in next door and Stephane begins a hopeless crush on her. They are more alike than either of them know but something keeps them apart...

This movie was so real. I mean, besides the crazy dream worlds that were SUPER fcking cool. Amazing and well done by, well, whoever built those little sets. Really unique.

The love in it was so real and so true. Who hasn't been in the situation where they really like someone and swear that they like you but when you tell them they aren't feeling it yet still want to be with you as 'a friend'. Completely confusing on both sides and beautifully portrayed in this film.

Best part was Gael García Bernal who plays Stephane. Amazing role. Amazing character. Also, he is such a cutie! I could just eat him he's so cute (I'm a creep).

It was fun and funny. Sad and frustrating. Confusing yet it hit home. Real, different and wonderful. It had a little bit of a Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind feel to it.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine (3.5)

Alright. Took me while to get around to even wanting to watch this after some things I heard about it. I'm generally pretty picky about my comedy too.

All in all, I liked it. Honestly I did.

Not a single character really meant anything to me. Sorry John Cusack, Clarke Duke and others. I've liked you before but not this time around. The strange thing is that it didn't even matter. This is going to feel really weird for me to say but I'll just get it over with...

I liked the story.

I did. You all know the story by now I'm sure. I liked the whole 'second chance' thing. The going back in time. The comedy was pretty good too, nothing really corny (except the special effects on the hot tub) not even at the end. I actually liked the ending. That is rare. I legitimately liked the ending to this movie. I mean, it was no Oscar but it was good for a comedy. Also, the "no arm" guy. Hilarious.

I didn't laugh as much as I was hoping to but when I did I really meant it. Just a decent comedy. I say give it a chance!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jonah Hex (3)

DC Comics has done it again. If you like any comic book-esque type of film then definitely don't pass this one up. It's a solid comic book to film movie.

About a man who suffers through the murder of his family by the hands of his commander via revenge. Jonah Hex then becomes a bounty hunter and the government brings him in to find a terrorist which ends up being the man who took his family from him years ago. He is finally able to save America and seek the revenge he's been craving, but will it be that easy?

I am always partial to these type of movies because of the stories. The stories are always so good to me. I get sucked in and believe in the character right through to the end.

The make-up on Jonah Hex was crazy awesome. A little refreshing that the main character was and is the best part of this film. I thought Josh Brolin did a fantastic job. He was suited to play Jonah Hex.

Megan Fox, who plays Jonah's...I guess, love interest? She's a whore (literally) in the movie and then for some reason they love each other. Don't know, that was really weak. Megan, please don't keep playing all these roles where you wear next to nothing and make sexy minx eyes to get a paycheck. I had (and still sort of do) more faith in you than that. Don't make me regret it.

I have to say it even though it makes me sad, John Malkovich was a major let down. I didn't like him at all in this movie. It was...just...lame. *Sigh*

Josh Brolin is the best. Story is good with some good ol' fashioned (and new tricks) gun-fighting-action. Wooohooo.

IF you like comic book movies and/or really dig action flicks check it out. If not you'll probably hate it.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Green Zone (3)

A film set in Iraq in 2003 at the beginnings of the war when USA is looking for WMD (weapons of mass destruction). Roy Miller is a man in charge of finding these weapons but after the information they're given by the higher ups land them no WMD Miller begins to question who the intel is and where are these so call WMD's? This leads him on a hunt for the truth. Question is, what will he do if he finds it?

Like I said in an earlier post, I'm getting really tired of all the American 'modern' war movies. I just feel like I've seen it all before. Corrupt government, explosions, death, generally some sort of journalist pops their head in and good vs. evil. I will say that although the explosions were less, the other bits were right in place which made it a bit boring and very easy to guess what happens next.

Matt Damon plays Roy Miller. I don't know what it is but every time I see him now all I see is Bourne. Now, don't get me wrong, every actor has that one roll they are known for and I know it's hard to get out of that rut. I just haven't seen any character change within Mr. Damon in a long time. It's like he's riding the frowning "I'm good but tough" train. I need something new to remind myself why I liked him in the first place. I mean, come on. Good Will Hunting. Hell even Dogma is a classic. Show me what you got Matt, I know you still have it.

This roll was just meh.

Two best things about this movie. Scratch that three. Brendan Gleeson (love it!). Number two, the guy who played Freddie in the movie. He was the BEST part of this whole thing. He acted better than Matt Damon and yet his total screen time was about 10 minutes. And finally the chase scenes. A lot of the time the camera was waaay too shaky. I felt sick sometimes...give it a rest guys! Geez. Yet, without all this fire and what not I found myself suffering from nervous-shaky-leg-syndrome during the last 15-20 minutes of the movie. Which means they did something right.

Ending was kinda lame. The whole "one man can change everything" bit didn't work for me in this film because it's already 7 years in the past. We know it didn't work. If it's suppose to say to us "This is what could have happened in Iraq, let's make it happen in Afghanistan" then it doesn't work either. The movie basically squashed any hopes of the "one man" dream because in the end WE know the government won.

A little backwards.

Decent. Some good scenes. Made you think about a few things along the way. I'd say your average flick.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3 (5)

I love these toys!!!

I still remember the first time I watched the first movie. I was young enough to have the freedom to give myself over completely to this world of toys. You know what changed from that movie to watching this one at 23? Nothing.

I cannot think of anything bad to say about this film. That is why I give it a 5. It is fantastic! It blew me away actually. I was giggling and laughing so much and by the end of the movie I had tears in my eyes.

Best part: When Mr. Potato Head isn't a potato anymore...I'll leave it at that. No spoilers. But I was literally bursting with laughter. I couldn't stop. Genious!

I thought some of it was a little too scary for kids though. Then I thought back to that crazy assed kid in the first movie who killed all his toys and then I realized that no, it wasn't any more frightening than that.

Great story. Still the same old characters you love but with new adventures that make you fall in love with them again.

Ending off with the same shot that was the first shot in the first movie. I love when they do that. *bliss*



Sunday, June 20, 2010

Invictus (4)

Any movie that leaves you teary eyed and ready to take on the world by the time the credits roll is a good film.

Story of the South African rugby team who, when asked by president Nelson Mandela to help bring their torn country back together, fight amongst themselves and the world to win the cup for their country.

I am partial to based on true story films. This one is no exception. A good story is made even better when you know it really happened. Already you know it has to be a good story and in almost every instance true stories are better than fiction.

Morgan Freeman, you did it again my man. I love everything you do. I would vote for you. In all seriousness, he nailed this roll. No one else could have played Nelson Mandela. Just Morgan Freeman's voice alone moves you to tears, makes you hold your breath and listen intently. Matt Damon who played the captain of the rugby team (François Pienaar) did a pretty good job. His accent was frown worthy but then I feel like no one spoke in the same accent throughout the movie. Not sure what that was about. His character didn't need much really but I believe Mr. Damon did a swell job.

The rugby team was like a rugby team. It didn't hit me until right now that they may have all been actors...which would be crazy talk because I believed they were a team. Kudos either way.

Amazing story. Just enough sports in it but didn't over do it like some movies and then end up clogging the story. Some weird slow mo scenes that didn't need to be there; I was already moved. I didn't need it to be slow for an added emotional effect.

I don't and never have watch rugby but that was okay. Morgan Freeman is the bomb and the story is well told. Check this out!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Killers (3.5)

A nice night cap movie that you can sit back and enjoy. I liked it a lot more than I thought and laughed a lot more, which is always good.

Jen Kornfeild (Katherine Heigl) meets a dreamboat in Nice while on vacation. Spencer Aimes (Ashton Kutcher) seems like the perfect man and they marry quick but 3 years later Jen finds out who Spencer really is: a trained assassin. Suddenly everyone is trying to kill them and they struggle to find out who.

Best surprise was Tom Selleck (gotta love the moustache) as Jen's father and Catherine O'Hara who plays the mom is amazing as usual. I was plesently surprised by Mr. Kutcher in this movie. I really enjoyed him in this role. I've enjoyed Katherine Heigl more in some of her other movies but I think she did a good enough job on this film.

I suppose you could argue that this story has been done a million times and that the jokes weren't really laugh out loud funny (and considering it's a comedy that kinda stinks). I still had a good time. I liked the action and thought that Kutcher and Heigl were well matched. The ending was horrid though...no good. Could have just taken that out in my opinion.

A nice, mindless movie with a little action, some love and a great looking moustache.


The Karate Kid (2.5)

The newest one with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan.

I spent the first 30-40 minutes of the movie waiting for something to happen (besides whining and random city scape shots). The movie basically sucks until Jackie Chan comes around.

I don't know what everyone was moaning about when the first trailer was shown and Jackie Chan was playing Mr. Han. Without Jackie Chan this film would've seriously sucked more than it did. Every scene without Chan in it was brutal. Almost painful sometimes. Jackie Chan rocked it and I must say, even though it's not really saying much, this was the best acting I've ever seen him do. Thumbs up. And just...come on...it's Jackie Chan.

Okay Jaden Smith (playing Dre Parker), I know you're a kid and kudos on the awesome moves, but if you don't take some serious lessons on acting from your parents you are going nowhere. No good. Extremely laughable at some points. Yet, he kicked so much ass and was in character when doing training or during the final scenes. Maybe he'll be a purely action movie kinda guy.

Few eye twitchers: The random dancing scene with Dre and his 'love interest' was borderline inappropraite. I felt uncomfortable watching that. The token black mama mom was just...wow. Also, what was with all the face shots of Jaden to Jackie? Over and over again. Jaden pan to Jackie. Jaden snap to Jackie...

If you have nothing to do you could watching this movie. The fighting in it is awesome and watching the training was pretty cool. If you like Jackie Chan hit it up. If none of the above interests you wait for the DVD.

And that last, final scene...painful. Just, why? I want to give it a better rating just because of Jackie Chan and some of the fighting but...I just...can't...


Friday, June 18, 2010

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2.5)

Okay. So. I actually have no idea how to 'sum' up the story for you. I'm still not sure what it really was about...there's this girl and some dream world that you get to through this theatre trailer that is owned by Doctor Parnassus and it moves around. Fighting for souls, good vs. evil, God vs. devil and Dr. Parnassus' minxy daughter.

Christopher Plummer plays Dr. Parnassus and it's hard to say what his character was really suppose to be about so I'll just say he was good. The dream world thing was pretty cool. Heath Ledger WAS and is the best part of this film. I did like how Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell did well playing his counter-part in the dream world. That bit was cool, how they changed. Tom Waits is in it...so, that adds some points for sure!

Okay, I'll lay it down. I can't say I liked this movie. It was like nothing I've ever seen before and it had my attention (mostly because of the over load of confusion). When the credits started rolling I just thought, "Ok, glad I saw that whatever it was but I wont be watching it again."

I didn’t really get it, but I feel like that was the point. It was all about just accepting the story and going along for the ride. Heath Ledger was fantastic and it’s worth a gander.


The Last Station (3)

A film about the life of Leo Tolstoy starring Christopher Plummer, Helen Mirren and James McAvoy.

I wasn't entirely sure what exactly Tolstoy was about before this film. I have read some quotes by him and have seen his works here and there so this movie appealed to me for that reason; getting to know him. Although they definitely should of had a little more about what it means to be Tolstoyan, and a little more into Tolstoy himself, this movie focused on the relationship with him and his wife.

Helen Mirren (Sofya Tolstaya) was the other best part about this film. Her character had me from the very beginning and the acting is flawless. Match her up with Christopher Plummer who was playing her husband and the amazing Tolstoy and it's amazing. Mr. Plummer does it again by getting a character and making him breath. Just watching his facial reactions was enough for me, probably has to do with all this experience on the stage. As an aside, if you ever get a chance to see this man on stage DO IT!

James McAvoy was decent, not sure if the character himself really did it for me. I didn't feel any connection with the character but that wasn't really McAvoy's fault. His character was there to act as the go-between for Plummer and Mirren. It was amazing to see the character grow and the changes he went through. That was very well done. Also I'm not sure how much I could ever disagree with what McAvoy does because he is a dream boat (at least I'm honest).

Once again, a solid film but I didn’t feel like it taught me what it meant to be a Tolstoyan or why any of the characters decided to become Tolstoyans, but that’s not the angle they wanted to take.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yip Man (4)

Another Chinese, kung-fu fighting movie. Didn't know that it was before watching it but it's good.

I guess it's based on the true story about Master Yip who, after the part of his life told in this movie, is the Master who taught Bruce Lee. Pretty cool stuff! Having the facts at the end really solidified the movie for me. Before that I just thought "what a great story" but knowing it was at least some what true made the film stronger.

Obviously has the Chinese cheese added in. The whole last scene after the final fight is laughable. Don't know...something about slow mo running that cracks me up every time.

I actually liked the main character Master Yip. They didn't make him silly or a drunk or anything. Finally he was just a honest, respectable, intelligent man. Refreshing.

The fights were amazing. Every fight scene (which is about 75% of the movie) is mind blowing. To me it looked like most of the crazy stuff was in real time too. Craziness. How can someone even punch that fast?!

I will say that for the first 20 minutes I was just waiting for some form of plot to come up. What is interesting is this movie has about 5 or 6 different stories within it that come together at the end and revolves around Master Yip. Cool idea that doesn't start working its magic until half way through he movie.

WAY better than True Legend. WAY better. Compared to that 3 I gave it, I would probably give this one a 5 but it's not really "the best fcking movie ever" so...


ps- The international title of this movie is "Ip Man", in case you can't find it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

True Legend (3)

One of those Chinese, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon-esque films.

About a warrior, Su Qi-Er, who's a rich man living during the Qing Dynasty who loses his fortune and reputation due to some crazy conspiracy against him. After being forced out onto the streets, Su dedicates his life to martial arts and reemerges as the hero known as the "King of Beggars."

I guess if you don't enjoy/see the point in these type of films you'd hate it. I did think the guy was generally a dick and goes around being drunk and an awful father for most of the movie. The fights were pretty crazy but there's something humorous about watching some sage and some guy on top of some dragon temple thing. The 'on earth' fighting was wicked. Always love seeing what these guys can come up with next.

Obviously the story was meh. Actually, for the most part, the story could've been told within the first 20 minutes and that's actually what happens. Lots of story and then nothing and nothing...then some fighting....then nothing. Some screaming child and wife...nothing...fight...end. Most of the time you just watch this guy fall apart, come back strong for about 5 minutes and then is drunk in the next scene again.


I was a good rainy day flick and I had some good, hearty laughs. For a movie in this genre it's fantastic, in general it's passable.
Has a Seven Samurai feel to it-ish. If you like those type of films this one is golden. Solid gold...dragons...?


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jesus Camp (3)

Whoa. What a crazy documentary looking at Evangelism in America.

Okay. I've just learned so much so this review will be less than impressive do to brain overload. If you are interested and/or do not understand religion I suggest watching this. Even if you're super religious I suggest watching this. It takes it to the extreme but, and I hate to say it, make good points from both sides.

Nice to see fellow Christians disagreeing with the tactics of using children to spread the 'word of God'. The whole abortion scene in this movie was insane. How the hell can you expect a 10 year old that because of their religion knows nothing about sex or pregnancy to really understand what abortion is?! Insane.

I really do hate to admit that there were a few points that had me thinking. I am not religious at all but I am very spiritual and I believe in something bigger than myself but it about ends there.

This is insane. And how popular it is and those poor kids...
Eye opening.

Like the lady said in the film: this liberal, non-American, freedom of speech and choice girl is scared shtless now. I might have nightmares.

I always want to give documentaries 5/5 because I feel people should watch more of them. This one is good, it tells a good story but some of the scenes were pretty dull and I feel like I missed out on the flip side of the story. A little too linear for me.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

The A-Team (3.5)

If you like action movies you'll love this. There's so much action that there is almost too much going on.

Liam Neeson is the man. He rocked Hannibal. Totally owned it. Love that guy. I really enjoyed Bradley Cooper as Face too. He did a solid job. Really dislike the fact that Jessica Bile oh, oops, I mean Biel was in this film as I still don't think she can act worth sht but hey, can't win 'em all.

I enjoyed how they set up their plans. The only thing is that I wanted to actually see the full plan happen. They shot it so you see them going over the plan and then it would cut to them actually doing parts of it and then go back with a constant narration. Kind of cool, it was different, but that also means that a bunch of stuff was left out. At least it felt that way to me.

I never ever say this about action flicks but I have to this time: there was too much action. I know, I know, crazy, but sometimes there was so much happening that I couldn't even see what was actually happening. Then they would cut to the next scene and I would struggle to piece together what just happened and why they are now falling or flying or why there is explosions. Really distracting.

Story is good. Characters are good. Action was good. High five Mr. Neeson.

Good action flick.


How to Train Your Dragon (5)

This movie is FANTASTIC! I don't care if you usually don't like 'kids' movies or 'cartoons', you have to watch this film.

About vikings and dragons. One day the son, who is a whimpy little guy, of a famous dragon killer decides he wants to join in the fight against the dragons. He takes down the most unknown dragon and goes into the woods to finish it off but can't bring himself to kill it. He then becomes facinated with the dragon and goes daily to watch it and feed it to keep it alive. They soon become friends and learn about each others way of living but by doing so Hiccup (the whimpy guy) realizes how wrong the vikings are about the dragons and together they try to change that.

Story sounds kind of lame but it's really not. I loved the story. The characters were fantastic and I was laughing my ass off. I was blown away by this movie! It is definitely one of my new favourites. I mean, come on, it's about vikings and dragons! Dragons are the coolest of cool. The comedy in this movie is amazing which I was completely surprised by.

I was never bored. I perma smiled the whole time. I was so entertained that I went back and watched it again. If you don't like this film then...well, you must be a robot or just don't like movies at all.

A must see film!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sherlock Holmes (4.5)

Hands down one of my favourite movies from 2009. Easily in the top 3. This film has everything you'd ever want...and then add Robert Downey Jr. to the mix and it's perfection.

You know the story about Sherlock Holmes. If you don't then that gives you even a greater reason to watch this movie.

I am not a fan of Jude Law. I could probably say for the record that besides Enemy at the Gates I was convinced he couldn't really act. I also never understood why so many people loved him. Now I understand. You proved me wrong in this movie Mr. Law, kudos to you. Fantastic portrayal of Watson. Couldn't have thought of anything to add to the character at all. Amazing job.

Now. Robery Downey Jr. Let's just all agree, even if you haven't seen this movie, that no one else could've played Sherlock Holmes. No one. I can honestly say that as Daniel Radcliffe IS Harry Potter, Downey Jr. IS Sherlock Holmes. Just. Amazing. So amazing.

And before people start yammering about how it wasn't like 'classic' Holmes and they like the more 'gentlemanly' Holmes...I have one thing to say about that: Did you read the books!? I have yet to see a better and more clear portrayal of these characters than in this movie. The Sherlock Holmes shown before is not Holmes. Sherlock Holmes was an asshole who did lots of hard drugs, drank, got into fights (and was proficient at it) and thrived on breaking the rules. That is the real Sherlock Holmes.

I was a little let down by Rachel McAdams role in this film, which sucks because I usually like her. I don't know what it was, maybe it was more her character that bugged me but whatever the case I wasn't feeling it. She mostly just annoyed me.

Best part by far was the fight scenes. Anytime they did that slow down and show what I'm about to do thing and then show it in real time...OHhhh ya. Bliss. That sht makes me yell out in theatres and get goosebumps. It's a beautiful thing.

All must see this movie.



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brokeback Mountain (4)

Put aside all the parodies and one liner making fun of's for a second and just appreciate this film.

Spectacular. I've seen it a few times before when it first came out but I went back and watched it on a whim. I'm so glad I did.

By the last scene my heart literally felt like it was being ripped from my chest. Just looking into Heath Ledgers eyes in this film caused my breath to stop. Just in his eyes alone and throughout the entire movie. Do you know how impossibly good of an actor that means he was. No words.

Match him up with Jake Gyllenhaal and wham. Explosive. Really. They balanced each other out or, when necessary, added that extra tone or look that flip an entire scene over and dropped it back down. And really, the scenes are so simple. So simple. But so powerful. The love in this film....guh.

And the story alone is gold. So strong, so pure and so raw. All at once. Fantastic to feel that much emotion in 2 hours. The best part is by the end of it you aren't even really sure why or how you can and did relate to them...but you did. At least I did.

Okay, yes, the movie can seem slow at times. I understand that. Yet for me it had an old black and white movie feel to it. It was slow but far from boring. Maybe I'm just in an extra sensitive mood today but I really think this movie deserves to stick around. I hope it does. I hope it doesn't disappear.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Letters to Juliet (3)

I liked this more than I thought I would, even with some of the eye twitching awfulness that some of the scenes caused. If you're into chick flicks you'll love this. It's a perfectly moulded love story, actually it's a two-for-one deal.

About a girl from NY named Sophie (Amanda) that goes on a pre-honeymoon with her fiance to Verona. Here Sophie wanders the streets alone as her soon to be husband is too self absorbed and selfish so he goes off doing his own thing for work. This leads Sophie to Juliets garden (yes, the one from that Shakespeare guy) where she sees all these women righting to Juliet for love advice. Sophie finds a letter, loves it, has to write, does write, Clarie comes with Charlie, they set out finding Claries lost love, Charlie and Sophie fall for each other but she's getting married and you know the end.

Vanessa Redgrave (Claire) out acted everyone in this movie by a long shot. Even though her parts were sadly short in this film each one of them was a gem. Classic, pure acting there. Amanda Seyfried (Sophie) did her best and I enjoyed her in this movie. Nothing explosive or anything like that, she was just good. Christopher Egan (Charlie) was okay. I liked him more and more as the movie progressed. Although his change from the bad guy to the good guy was sort of random, I didn't really see the part when he decided he liked Sophie, he just, did the next scene. Strange.

The ending sucked. With a capitol S. I was actually surprised at how much I was enjoying this movie until the last 15 minutes of the film. Such a crap bunch of scenes. And that last scene was just painful. Ruined the movie. Every line was a dagger to my side. Which sucks because I had invested myself in the characters and let myself get carried away and then the climax was...not.

Classic chick flick, some good scenes, pretty decent characters but a crap ending.


Monday, June 7, 2010

The Young Victoria (4)

If you like any of the royal family/Jane Austen type stories than this is just for you. Although it's also for anyone who enjoys a good story and to learn a little history as the romance in this movie wasn't gushing or full of heart clenches - it was real.

Emily Blunt (Victoria)I applaud you! Well done. I watched this movie having read about how amazing her performance was and she definitely did not disappoint. Rupert Friend (Albert, most noted as Mr. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice) is not only perfectly handsome but well casted to Ms. Blunt which made both their performances shine even brighter. Every scene with them I had a perma-smile. I believe I even sighed like a school girl along with Queen Victoria while she read one of Albert's letters. I was completely convinced of their love.

Paul Bettany (Lord Melbourne). Oh Paul. I will never hate anything you do. Amazing as always. Another one of those amazing actors that hides just out of the lime light...which sort of makes him all the more enjoyable to me. Wish there was more of him.

I personally wanted to see and hear more about the struggles in England during the time frame of the movie. They touch on it here and there but nothing more is said. I know the story is suppose to be about Victoria and Albert but it was hard to understand their individual struggles due to the lack of back story given to the audience. It was also hard to see any change in time. In one scene Albert states "...it's been three years..." and I was confused because it felt like a month or so later to me.

Solid drama. Sweet romance and some really perfect scenes. Would love to see a second part to this but know that would be lame. Last thing anyone wants is another Marie Antoinette. *shudder*


The Cove (5)

Having just watched it it's hard for me to say anything.

I haven't cried that much during any movie since watching Shark Water, which is another amazing documentary about shark killing.
This one was about dolphins.

You don't need a review. It is a must see. You have to watch these movies. Even if you don't give them money, even if you don't jump up and fly to Japan to protest just watching it is a start. A major start. So that the next time someone asks up how you are you can tell them about this film. How it made you feel. And then they will bring it up at dinner a week later and say "A friend of mine watched this film about the slaughter of dolphins..." and so forth and on and on.
Until hopefully it's fixed.

You must watch this film. It's awesome. It's sad. You'll hate yourself and every other human but you have to watch it.

It's taken me over a month to feel ready to watch it so I understand if you don't drop everything to see it right now but please do.

And watch Shark Water as well, which upset me even more and is brilliant.

...I feel disgusting.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crazy Heart (4)


Completely taken by surprise by this movie. Until right now I didn't like country music. Actually, I think I would've rather listened to rap music than country. This movie though...so much soul and it shone through the music.

About an alcoholic, washed up country singer who has been through just about everything to end up playing in bowling alleys for next to nothing. He then begins the struggle in the winter of his life trying to piece together the life he let go while trying to find the will to pick up and live again.

Jeff Bridges was spectacular. Really such a great, once in a life time performance. I loved him then hated him the next minute but in the end I felt like I had changed with him. Maggie Gyllenhaal played a solid role. Even Colin Farrell (who I've never really liked, sorry) added a nice touch to this film. And if that was him singing and playing like I believe Mr. Bridges was then kudos to him.

Just such a good movie. Not so much an inspiration than is was just a goddamn good story. My heart broke by the last scene which general means that it did it's job. And trust me, you'll be downloading the soundtrack as soon as the movie ends. Definitely check it out!


Lucky Number Sleven (5)

I'm almost tempted to give this movie a 5/5. I've seen it tons of times but each time is like the first time and by the time the credits roll I just want to watch it again. Makes me sad that not a lot of people have heard of or seen this film. Must remedy this!

Don't want to tell you the story because it will just ruin the movie because any telling of the plot will give spoilers and the best part is having no idea what the hell is going on until the last 15 minutes of the movie. So good.

Josh Hartnett (Sleven) is incredible in this film. So far, in my opinion, it's his best role ever. Bruce Willis (Mr. Goodkat) owns as usual and in some cases is even stronger than in some of his more popular movies. Lucy Liu's character (Lindsey) is awesome, she is so much fun. Adds that amazing layer of humour to this movie but doesn't over kill it. Perfection. Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley are solid. I mean, look at this cast!! Gahh!

One of my top 10 action movies, hands down. If you like good movies, action films, smart comedy, thrillers, suspense and/or mystery you will like this film.

I think....yup, I think I'm going to have to...


My Sister's Keeper (3)

Story about two sisters, Anna (Abigail Breslin) and Kate (Sofia Vassilieva). Kate gets Leukemia at a very young age and their parents decide to have a genetically mutated child that would be Kate's perfect match. Anna is born and since birth begins being a donor to her sister. Once Anna reaches 11 she about to be forced by her mother to give her kidney to Kate so she heads to a lawyer (Alec Baldwin) to get rights over her body. Enter a screwed up family: crazy ass mother (Cameron Diaz), a standing-in-the-shawdows dad (Jason Patric), a random brother (Evan Ellingson) who we never get to know, Kate who is dying and Anna who is being all Anna like.

First things first: why is their son wondering the streets at night? Is he doing drugs, is he sleeping around or does he just like sitting in the ghetto every night just to watch? What the hell! Also, I know we're suppose to hate Cameron's character but I'm not entirely sure what I felt towards her was all the writers fault. I wasn't feeling it. The dad was a majour let down. In fact, no one character really stood out except for Kate who played a cancer patient very well. High five. Abigail was pretty good as Anna, I've liked her better in some of her other movies (read: Little Miss Sunshine).

My favourite part of the whole movie was when Kate finds a boyfriend. I thought Thomas Dekker (who plays Taylor) had a wonderful yet small part in this film. That whole part of the movie was so strong. Sofia and Thomas really hit gold there. I was smiling all stupid the whole way through their scenes.

I don't have too many complaints about this film. I liked it but I didn't love it....but I'm not sure why. I guess it just was. I'm glad I finally got around to watching it, it's a touching and strong story but it just didn't light any emotional fireworks.

I do remember someone saying when it first came out that it was okay but if you don't cry by the end of the movie you have no heart. Don't get me wrong, I had a frown but no tears.
Ooops. Guess I'm heartless. *shrug*


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Clash of the Titans (3.5)

Don’t care what anyone says, I really liked this movie. Yes, okay, it’s nothing like the original but how lame would it have been if they had just re-made the 1970’s version - it had to change.

I was entertained but they did have those unnecessary, cheesy lines in there that ruined a lot of good scenes for me. Possibly the worst case of one liners I've seen in awhile. Big issues: Where the fck was the owl and why is Pegasus black? Is a white horse that flies not manly enough for the 21st century? LAME. Also the whole point of the story was because Andromeda was so beautiful and Perseus wanted to save her. In this version she was more of an after thought which was a bit sad and a lot less heroic. Love is always better than revenge.

Sam Worthington (Perseus) was pretty good. Not entirely convinced that he was the best choice for the movie but he did well enough. The acting was a bit messy though at times but the action was awesome. Gemma Arterton's part was sort of just thrown in there. It was weird to me. I can see though that by them cutting out the owl and love they had to enter some semi-clad minx into the mix that had to do something important like lead the way. Someone had to.

It was a fun adventure. You have to just put your mind at ease and DON'T try to compare it to the original - take it for what it is. A nice escape. If you like myths, action movies or are bored definitely invest in this film.


Brothers (3.5)

What a fcking amazing goddamn cast! (sorry)

Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal (even Carey Mulligan has a small role).

If you don't already know the story there are two brothers, Tommy (Jake) and Sam (Tobey). Sam is the wonder child in the family, a perfect husband, captain and brother. He is married to Grace (Natalie) and has a picture perfect life next to his brother Tommy who is just getting out of jail and is a dead end. Sam gets called back to Afghanistan just as Tommy is getting out of jail and struggles to try and fit back in. Sam is thought to have been killed over seas and Grace and Tommy struggle to raise Sam's family and try to move on with their lives. Enter a love triangle that would make anyone's head spin. Sam is rescued and brought back home but is no longer the man he used to be. Chaos, fights, tears and misunderstanding follow and no one will ever be the same.

Can a man who has suffered through the unimaginable to get home only to find his life washed away get back on his feet and live in the shadow of who he used to be? Watch to find out! ;)

Everyone's performances were spectacular. Tobey was amazing in this film and Ms. Portman continues to amaze me. Some scenes made your chest feel like it was going to burst. These characters couldn't be more real than, well, if they were actually real. I liked how you could follow each characters transition throughout the film. See good turn bad and bad turn good. Jake's character added that extra touch needed to make this movie as good as it was.

Part of me feels like the ending needed a little more. There was a huge climax but then a complete drop off. No gradual let down which made me feel like I was missing something (maybe a few scenes?). I guess in the end the story didn't actually 'end' with the last scene (wont say anything more, no spoilers!) but I still wanted to see it. So it achieved that....still bugs me. haha. I need to know!

Wouldn't call this even remotely a love tale, it's more a story about struggle and trying to pick yourself back up. Over all solid film.


The Fourth Kind (3.8)

No movie has freaked me out like this since The Ring.

I was not expecting anything that was about to happen, I had no idea the story or that 'real' footage was added in (that always fcks with my head). I enjoyed the split Hollywood film/documentary style they used. Liked the use of split and quad screen with the recreated and 'real' footage. In the end, it made me think about a lot of things and feel the need to flick the light on a couple times that night.

Milla Jovovich gets on my nerves these days. I've never liked her, except for in the Fifth Element but that's mostly because the movie itself is awesome. I'm tired of her but I was too distracted by the story to really pay any attention to her character. All I do remember is some over acting and some unnecessary emotions being thrown around.

I don't want to tell you about the story because it's scarier if you don't know anything about it before you watch it. I will say that for me this time around it wasn't the characters that caught my attention it was the story. It was all about the story. Based on actual accounts in Alaska but then molded into this crazy story that you will not believe. It freaked me out and I liked that it did because I don't scare easily. A nice break from the slasher/girls-in-white-shirts-running-in-the-rain horror movies.


Wristcutters - A Love Story (2)

Ugh, wish I could say I get it. I'm actually not even sure how to rate/discuss this film. It was definitely a different movie so I give it that. The characters seemed a little thin for me (I feel like I say that in every post), but maybe that was the directors choice.

I did enjoy that one character was acting as Eugene Hutz (lead singer of one of my favourite bands Gogol Bordello). Patrick Fugit was good. I'm not sure why but I always like watching him on screen. Just something about him, ever since Almost Famous.

I'll try to sum it up.

The story is about Zia (Patrick Fugit) who commits suicide after his girlfriend breaks up with him and he wakes in a desert world full of suiciders (is that a word?). He then 'lives' in this alternate, afterlife suicide world and life isn't that different. He begins meeting people and finds out his ex has also committed suicide and he goes on a mission to find her and get her back. Enter Mikal (Shannyn Sossamon) who adds a little spice and confusion to Zia's plan.

Movie about when you are looking for something you've lost you usually find something better, but would you be able to see that it is (ya, weak poetry there, but it's true).

I just. *sigh* I didn't get it. I mean, I understand and usually I dig the weird alternative stuff but this time I spent the whole movie with a frown and tried to force myself to connect to the story. I tried extra hard as one of my best pals loved it to pieces and said I have to watch it because I'd love it. I didn't.

It was different. I'll give it that. And Tom Waits is in it which was awesome.


An Education (3)

Best part was Carey Mulligans acting, I thoroughly believe that she is going to make it big and stay there to become a legend. I can't say I felt a connection to her character yet she felt very normal/everyday so maybe...maybe that's a good thing? That she was so relatable that she didn't seem real to me. Does that make sense?

I am a fan of Peter Sarsgaard. No one really knows who he is but you'd be surprised at how many movies he's been in. I also forget about him until he's in yet another movie I watch and I am reminded of why I liked him the time before. Always solid and enjoyable on the screen.

The story is about Jenny (Carey) who is about to graduate a fancy high school and has plans to make a very successful career for herself when she meets David (Peter) and falls in love. After warnings from just about everyone due to the enormous age gap between the two she falls further and further in love with him and begins to let her school work and promising future go for a life of marriage. A shocking discovery sends Jenny's world crashing down and she now needs to find herself again and fight even harder for her dreams.

It was an over all decent movie but didn’t really hold my attention, sometimes I did get a bit bored. I felt I knew the ending right after the first scene but was still emotionally involved in the story. Biggest complaint was the end. It was less than amazing and just seemed to cut off...I hate when they do that.


I Love You Phillip Morris (4)

Movie about how two people love each other through the good, the bad and the horrible, no matter the cost. Such a beautiful tale that tells a true story about real life romance, struggle and how life - not matter how hard - can be hilarious.

Ewan McGregor (Phillip Morris) was spectacular and Jim Carrey (Steve Russell) was a very convincing gay man (no, really, he rocked it!). It does help that Ewan and Jim are two of my all time favourites but not only did I believe their characters but I fell in love with them. I wanted to kiss Ewan and squeeze his cheek in his first scene.

I also generally enjoy the "based on a true story" films because it doesn't seem that far out of reach to us everyday people. I can't say I found this story particularly inspirational but I did find it entertaining, shocking and beautiful. It was less about what Jim Carrey's character does and more about the relationship between the two characters. That's what really stuck out to me. I love watching stories about people. It's always about the characters for me.

I laughed, I cried, I felt a change in me when the credits started to roll. It made me believe that, even with all my faults and mistakes, someday someone will love me for who I am. Definitely a new favourite.


Friday, June 4, 2010

The Runaways (3.5)

The true story of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

Loved it. Anyone who likes a good music movie/documentary will most likely enjoy this. Also if you like punk/rock music at all you should really check it out. A really real and honest story about accomplishing your dreams but then trying to stay afloat once you get there.

Seemed a little all over the place at times, the "Where are they taking us?" feel came and went. I think that was a directors/writers choice though, so I went with it. The story was easy to follow, even with a few short and (in my opinion) unnecessary scenes. I did like how it was about the characters though. It brought the story down to a more personal level and made it very relatable and real to me.

Dakota is the bomb, look out for her! She stole this film for sure. Kristen Stewart did me proud, she’s a badass chick. She really fell head first into this roll and knocked it dead. All the actors sang, played and rocked out. Very well done on their part.

I left the theatre with a grin on my face and with an urge to buy a black leather jacket.


The Wolfman (3)

I’m a big fan of any werewolf, vampire, witch, etc type movie so I’m bias on this one but I thought it was well done. I actually enjoyed the look of the woofies this time around, which isn't always the case. The over all look of this movie appealed to me and added that extra layer to the film.

Del Toro was fantastic, obviously. I think he is under appreciated these days and it upsets me. I've liked him in every movie he's in (that I've seen) and he was the pillar throughout the whole movie. Anthony Hopkins Hopkinsed (new word) it up but his character was thin next to Del Toro, which is a huge deal. I liked Hugo Weaving in this film, as usual, even though he wasn't in the movie as much as I wished he was. Always a solid character no matter how short he's in any movie.

The whole love thing in the story was sort of...well, it just distracted me from what I wanted to see most of the time but I know without it the story wouldn't have worked so I'll shut up now. I did find that the story was not tied together strongly enough and some scenes were very just, "Why are they there?", so I understand why people feel it's a weak film.

I liked the over all story, but once again I love all those fantasy-esque tales. I know my brother didn’t like it as much and thought some of it was quite boring but I think this movie required you to put a little more faith into the story instead of just sitting back and being entertained. I dug it.


Bubble Boy (3.8)

Even though new movies come out everyday I always like to look back and watch movies that slipped past my radar over the years. I was looking for something easy to watch with some quirk and humour that I could sit back and enjoy.

Hence, Bubble Boy (2001).

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, the easiest way to try and compare it to anything would be Blast from the Past. It had that whole sheltered boy who heads out into the world and the hilariousness that ensues.

This movie did not do well when if first came out. I severely enjoyed it. Probably a little too much. Let me try and explain why.

It's about a boy that was born without an immune system so he literally lives in a bubble that is in his room his whole life. Kids obviously didn't want to play with him and his super religious, conservative, uptight mom taught him everything he knows. Then some sexy minx moves in next door and everything changes. Once she decides to go to Niagara Falls to get married, Jimmy (Bubble Boy) realizes how much he loves her and bounces after her (literally).

Sounds super lame. I understand why a lot of people hated this movie but for me it was fantastic. There is no other movie I've ever seen that is anything like it. The characters were a bucket of personalities and quirks that made you burst out laughing with "What the fck?!" 's. Jimmy is such a pure character. Jake did a fantastic job, right down to the voice.

I just couldn't stop laughing the whole time. It is full of every wonderful stereotype, with well written stabs at certain ethnicities, religions and other deliciously prejudice profiling that makes you wonder how the hell some people believe the things they do. Sure, they did blow these way out of proportion but that just made it even more hilarious for me.

If you want something silly, quirky, unique and well...stupidly hilarious, check this movie out. You wont be disappointed. Or maybe you will be and I'm just weird and love all things weird. It's a refreshing break from your every day type of film.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Date Night (2.5)

Do not get the hype. I have no idea, maybe I was just not in the right mood but it did nothing for me.

Steve Carell was the best part. Tina Fey was good too but I wasn't feeling her as much. They worked pretty well together as a couple but I wasn't sold on it. I guess it was a comedy so I shouldn't have been paying close attention to their cemestry, but I was. And I did.

I giggled here and there but it didn’t have me in stitches and I don’t think I’d tell anyone to rush to theatres to watch it. If Mr. Carell wasn't in it I think I would give it a rating closer to 1. Wait for the DVD.


The Blind Side (4)

Loved the story. I never once frowned at a character. I didn't ever think "What the hell?!". If you need a good inspirational tale with some beautifully executed, Sandra'd (new word) humour then check it out.

I’m not entirely convinced that Sandra Bullock deserved the Oscar for best actress for this but I did like her character. I did like the way she portrayed her character but I didn't feel like I was watching a 'performance of a life time', if you will.

I'm sure you all know the story. Leigh Anne (Sandra) is a well to do lady that 'has it all' but one day when picking her kids up from school she notices Michael Oher (Aka Big Mike, played by Quinton Aaron). This leads to her finding out he's homeless and one night decides to take him in. Her pure hospitality, love and sass leads to her fighting to keep this kid afloat and change his life forever, regardless of what everyone else thinks.

I found it inspirational, funny yet with a strong message. Definitely left an impression on me and wont be a movie I’ll soon forget.


Kick-Ass (4.5)

If you like things that are funny, full of action, have a good story and as a bonus have super heroes in it you need to see this film!

Hands down one of the best movies I've seen in awhile. I was completely taken by surprise. I actually wasn't even going to go see it but my roomie needed someone to go with and I will see any movie (especially if the other person is paying. heh).

Things you need to know: IT IS AWESOME. Okay, now that I re-confirmed that for you, some other things: Nicholas Cage (aka Big Daddy in the movie) is the man. Chloe Moretz (aka Hit Girl) is even more the man than N. Cage...which is...a really big deal. Aaron Johnson is not only cute but perfectly molded to the part.

Best part was Chloe. She nailed it. She more than nailed it. She assassinated it! She dug it a grave, buried it, spit on the grave and then lit it on fire. Too far? You must have not seen this movie yet. One of my favourite characters of all time!

The action was awesome. The story was solid. I wasn't bored for a second, I don't even think I really blinked for the whole 2 hours. Loved the characters. Loved it all.

As lame is it is to say this, Kick Ass was kick ass. One of the better films I’ve gone to see this year. I was laughing hard and in long bursts for the whole thing and the action was killer (pun intended). Definitely check this movie out!!


Choke (2)

An older film (2008) but such an amazing novel by Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club) that I had to go back and check it out.

Very rated R as it's about a sex addict who is, well, crazy. And gross. And is in the AA for sex addicts. Strange characters. Even stranger scenes that had me going "What...the hell?!" a lot. Which could be a good or a bad thing, but for me it was in the negative context. I do enjoy Sam Rockwell, he has that look and that stance that really rounds the repulsiveness of the character but also makes you feel a bit sorry for him sometimes.

I will say that it had some interesting points of view and a story that was so weird that it kept my attention...mostly because I just wanted to see where it was headed. Gives you a few things to think about but didn’t really do much for me.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Back-up Plan (1)

I. Did. Not. Like. This. Movie.

JLo was brutal. I felt almost negative connection with her character. Also her freak outs and 'happiness' were not believable at all. And it wasn't just her, I could keep ranting about her but the main problem was the guy.

A romance is always about the guy. Really, it is. Obviously you need the girl but most important (especially myself being amongst the females) is that perfect, sexy man. The only thing that Alex O'Loughlin's character was was an ahole. I personally didn't even find him physically attractive...he was sort of cute I guess. But he was a dick. And a stalker. He literally stalked her until she would go out with him. I'm not sure about you, but I am NOT turned on by some strange man following me wherever I go asking me to go for dinner. That would not make me roll my eyes and then smile sweetly when he walks away. That makes me scared and angry. Then the way he talks to her...like, "Hey baby, I'm the best thing you'll ever get so stop being dumb and have sex with me." That tone. Just offensive.

The fact that JLo's character responds well to this is offensive to me as a woman.

Okay. Need to say something nice. Ugh. There were a few 'cute' scenes. A few snicker funny scenes. Mostly I just couldn't believe in it at all. It's not even a feel good flick in my mind. Not for me.

That's enough. If you liked this movie please tell me why. Really. I want to know why some people liked it.


Unthinkable (3.5)

I love my Samuel L. Jackson. I also enjoy Carrie-Anne Moss (most noted as Trinity from The Matrix).

I wont lie, I love action movies, but I am generally tired of the government conspiracy-esque movies. Especially if they deal with terrorists. This movie was a little bit different. It took a different angle which made it more than bearable for me to get through.

Samuel L. Jackson nailed it. I know he's been letting his cult-iness (ya, that's a new word) get in his way of actually having to really act but this movie shows us that yes, the great Samuel has still got it. He freaked me out actually. I never knew if he was two faced or not or when he was joking around. Now that I think about it, the last scene...still don't know if he would have or not. What you may ask? Well, I wont tell, because I don't believe in spoilers.

Carrie-Anne Moss also nailed the sexy women in control role (look at me rhyming there!) and was super believable. Almost too believable now that I think back, as I never once thought "Wow, Carrie is fantastic". Nice.

Super short explanation:

A terrorist sends in a tape saying there are 3 nuclear bombs placed anonymously across the USA that will go off in 3 days. After a scramble they find the guy but he wont talk. Enter Samuel L Jackson who plays the man who is allowed to do anything in his power to get the answers from this guy. Carrie-Anne Moss's character is a little more liberal and by the books and struggles with the "can you kill one to save a thousand" problem.

Sounds lame and boring? Well it's not. At least I didn't think so. Some of the scenes are almost too much to take. But it makes you think, how far would you go?


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2.5)

I love a good kids movie or a young teen flick to lighten my day. I also enjoy something unique and weird every now and again.

I'm not sure if I really liked the movie or not. I didn't stop watching it, but if I can make it through Obsessed (sorry Beyonce, but that is almost a 0 rating in my books) I can make it through any movie.

Let's wrap up the story Shannon style. Short and sweet.

It's about this guy who got made fun of for being a nerd when he was younger. He wanted to be a scientist and invent all this cool stuff like spray on shoes so you wouldn't trip on shoelaces. He gets older and his inventions reek havoc on his small island and he is the town loser until he makes a machine that turns water into food. This goes crazy when boosted with too much power and launches into the sky. Enter lots of food pouring down. Then too much food, a power hungry mayor, life problems via a love interest and weird father and the machine starts going crazy and the nerd guy is the only one who can save the day.

So. Okay. It was weird. I liked that...food raining down is a thumbs up. I just didn't like any of the characters. The funny parts were only snicker funny and not knee slapping. Story was thin...even for a kids film therefore the end was obvious within the first 30 minutes. I do remember shaking my head a lot, mostly at how American it felt via people stuffing their faces with really gross food and loving their lives. Kinda weird message. Not entirely addressed at the end as the problem unlike Wall-E where you get the point that being obese is not something to celebrate.

Any who, rambling again.


Didn't get it. Could have lived my life without seeing it but wasn't a total waste of time. The characters were thin and the story was weird but not interesting to me. It was a good rainy day waste of time but I would rather have watched re-runs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Some funny parts, a few good morals shoved in there along side some delicious looking food. Yet no one but the mayor got fat. Hmmm.


It's Complicated (4)

I'm not even 30+, nor have I been married, had kids, or have been through a divorce (although I have been through a pretty tear jerking break up), but I felt connected to the characters for some reason. Usually that reason is good acting.

I mean. Meryl Streep. So. Yeah. Come on. She was obviously amazing. I felt very connected to her. In the funny scenes I was covering my mouth in outbursts of laughter and in the sad scenes I was a face filled with worry. When she was excited, I was. When she was mad, I was right there with her. Very real character.

Alec Baldwin was the perfect attractive 'villain'. I mean, not physically (to me, I'm 23), but he had that Baldwin sass, smirk and convincing yet manipulative lines. Well done on his part. Every time he came to the door or walked into the scene I would hold my breath to see what he would say and do.

Steve Martin was a nice addition. Wish he was in the movie a bit more but then I think the story would have flopped around a little too much. He was that cute, nerdy, funny as hell addition to make a perfect love triangle. Mini spoiler: The pot scene was my absolute favourite. I was crying in laughter. Had to take a water break and it was mostly from watching him.

Like I said, can't really relate to the story but I can relate to the choices. This movie is about choices, for better or worse, and without regrets. I liked that. Everyone can always relate to that.

Good characters, solid and believable story with just enough quirk and humour to make the movie sail by with ease. Entertaining, truthful and lovely.


Prince of Persia (4.5)

Let me start out by saying that I haven't read any other movie reviews about this movie because all I've heard is people bashing it and what not. Also, I have played the video game and I think that makes a big difference.

Throughout the movie, especially within the first 45 minutes, a lot of scenes were exactly like the video game. So much that I would hit the arm of my friend and say "Oh man, that's exactly like the game!" and bounce in my seat in excitement. She soon after told me to shut up because I said it so much.

Jake Gyllenhaal was the perfect choice. Not only did he look exactly like the original character, but once the wardrobe was on and the music was going it was scary close to the game.

So enough about the game (which is awesome).

A few things that bugged me: The English accents. Just...why. It's Persia. It's like every time Disney decides to do anything 'historical' they have to make it British. *shrug*
Also, not gonna lie, I have nothing against Gemma Arterton but sometimes her character got a little annoying. Not entirely sure it was her fault though so I'll leave it at that.

One thing I've heard is people wanted it more gory and 'sexy'. My first remark is "Did you SEE Jake?!?!" Hubba-hubba. My second remarks is "It's Disney people!". I think it had a very Pirates of the Caribbean feel to it. I like it, I'm sure 8 year olds like it and my Aunt who's 50 loved it. Something should be said for that. Okay...yes, yes, we could go back to talking about the game but lets not.

Think I've rambled enough. I do best with short and sweet.

I loved Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie. The action was amazing and exciting. I enjoy the story but the characters could have been a little stronger in the film. I felt like I had gone along on the adventure and when the movie was over I had a big grin and felt like I could take on the world. If a movie can inspire, motivate or just make you smile I think it did its job. Also...ostriches. What else do you need?


About Me

My name is Shannon. I live in Toronto and am attempting a career in theatre.

Ya. I know.
How does one even do that?
...I'll let you know.

Freshly off the University press I spend my days roaming websites, emails, hopes and dreams in an attempt to find my way.

While that doesn't normally take up 16 hours of my day, I usually resort to watching movies.

I'm not much of a downloader. I've had too many "Oh my GOD, what IS that!" moments followed by quickly muting the audio, shutting the window and deleting the file to actually find downloads effective. I enjoy streaming. Mostly I enjoy the movie going experience (but, as you've read above, I'm a new graduate, which means I live off rice cakes and left overs).

Okay. Blah, blah, blah too much about me.

Here's all you need to know: I like GOOD movies.

I am bias. Of course I am, I'm 23! So deal with that.
When I say a movie sucks it doesn't mean it sucks. If I say a movie is amazing...it probably is, but people make mistakes. And I don't normally say a movie sucks unless it is REALLY bad. I generally find something I like about every movie.

I'll title each entry with the name of the movie so it's easy to use the column to read until you see a title you either a) don't recognize b) forgot it existed but wanted to watch it or c) you actually don't like movies but like reading about them.

I'll mark movies on a 1-5 scale. 1 being "I can't believe I wasted 2 hours of my life on this sht" and 5 being "the best damn movie ever fcking made".

So here we go...
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