Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Back-up Plan (1)

I. Did. Not. Like. This. Movie.

JLo was brutal. I felt almost negative connection with her character. Also her freak outs and 'happiness' were not believable at all. And it wasn't just her, I could keep ranting about her but the main problem was the guy.

A romance is always about the guy. Really, it is. Obviously you need the girl but most important (especially myself being amongst the females) is that perfect, sexy man. The only thing that Alex O'Loughlin's character was was an ahole. I personally didn't even find him physically attractive...he was sort of cute I guess. But he was a dick. And a stalker. He literally stalked her until she would go out with him. I'm not sure about you, but I am NOT turned on by some strange man following me wherever I go asking me to go for dinner. That would not make me roll my eyes and then smile sweetly when he walks away. That makes me scared and angry. Then the way he talks to, "Hey baby, I'm the best thing you'll ever get so stop being dumb and have sex with me." That tone. Just offensive.

The fact that JLo's character responds well to this is offensive to me as a woman.

Okay. Need to say something nice. Ugh. There were a few 'cute' scenes. A few snicker funny scenes. Mostly I just couldn't believe in it at all. It's not even a feel good flick in my mind. Not for me.

That's enough. If you liked this movie please tell me why. Really. I want to know why some people liked it.


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