Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brothers (3.5)

What a fcking amazing goddamn cast! (sorry)

Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal (even Carey Mulligan has a small role).

If you don't already know the story there are two brothers, Tommy (Jake) and Sam (Tobey). Sam is the wonder child in the family, a perfect husband, captain and brother. He is married to Grace (Natalie) and has a picture perfect life next to his brother Tommy who is just getting out of jail and is a dead end. Sam gets called back to Afghanistan just as Tommy is getting out of jail and struggles to try and fit back in. Sam is thought to have been killed over seas and Grace and Tommy struggle to raise Sam's family and try to move on with their lives. Enter a love triangle that would make anyone's head spin. Sam is rescued and brought back home but is no longer the man he used to be. Chaos, fights, tears and misunderstanding follow and no one will ever be the same.

Can a man who has suffered through the unimaginable to get home only to find his life washed away get back on his feet and live in the shadow of who he used to be? Watch to find out! ;)

Everyone's performances were spectacular. Tobey was amazing in this film and Ms. Portman continues to amaze me. Some scenes made your chest feel like it was going to burst. These characters couldn't be more real than, well, if they were actually real. I liked how you could follow each characters transition throughout the film. See good turn bad and bad turn good. Jake's character added that extra touch needed to make this movie as good as it was.

Part of me feels like the ending needed a little more. There was a huge climax but then a complete drop off. No gradual let down which made me feel like I was missing something (maybe a few scenes?). I guess in the end the story didn't actually 'end' with the last scene (wont say anything more, no spoilers!) but I still wanted to see it. So it achieved that....still bugs me. haha. I need to know!

Wouldn't call this even remotely a love tale, it's more a story about struggle and trying to pick yourself back up. Over all solid film.



  1. I preferred the original Dutch (if I remember correctly?) version

  2. I honestly didn't know there was one, but I'm not surprised at all. It's hard to find a script these days that hasn't already been done before. Tis the time of sequels and re-mounts. *sigh* I'll have to look that up. :)


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