Saturday, June 5, 2010

Clash of the Titans (3.5)

Don’t care what anyone says, I really liked this movie. Yes, okay, it’s nothing like the original but how lame would it have been if they had just re-made the 1970’s version - it had to change.

I was entertained but they did have those unnecessary, cheesy lines in there that ruined a lot of good scenes for me. Possibly the worst case of one liners I've seen in awhile. Big issues: Where the fck was the owl and why is Pegasus black? Is a white horse that flies not manly enough for the 21st century? LAME. Also the whole point of the story was because Andromeda was so beautiful and Perseus wanted to save her. In this version she was more of an after thought which was a bit sad and a lot less heroic. Love is always better than revenge.

Sam Worthington (Perseus) was pretty good. Not entirely convinced that he was the best choice for the movie but he did well enough. The acting was a bit messy though at times but the action was awesome. Gemma Arterton's part was sort of just thrown in there. It was weird to me. I can see though that by them cutting out the owl and love they had to enter some semi-clad minx into the mix that had to do something important like lead the way. Someone had to.

It was a fun adventure. You have to just put your mind at ease and DON'T try to compare it to the original - take it for what it is. A nice escape. If you like myths, action movies or are bored definitely invest in this film.


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