Monday, June 7, 2010

The Cove (5)

Having just watched it it's hard for me to say anything.

I haven't cried that much during any movie since watching Shark Water, which is another amazing documentary about shark killing.
This one was about dolphins.

You don't need a review. It is a must see. You have to watch these movies. Even if you don't give them money, even if you don't jump up and fly to Japan to protest just watching it is a start. A major start. So that the next time someone asks up how you are you can tell them about this film. How it made you feel. And then they will bring it up at dinner a week later and say "A friend of mine watched this film about the slaughter of dolphins..." and so forth and on and on.
Until hopefully it's fixed.

You must watch this film. It's awesome. It's sad. You'll hate yourself and every other human but you have to watch it.

It's taken me over a month to feel ready to watch it so I understand if you don't drop everything to see it right now but please do.

And watch Shark Water as well, which upset me even more and is brilliant.

...I feel disgusting.


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