Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crazy Heart (4)


Completely taken by surprise by this movie. Until right now I didn't like country music. Actually, I think I would've rather listened to rap music than country. This movie much soul and it shone through the music.

About an alcoholic, washed up country singer who has been through just about everything to end up playing in bowling alleys for next to nothing. He then begins the struggle in the winter of his life trying to piece together the life he let go while trying to find the will to pick up and live again.

Jeff Bridges was spectacular. Really such a great, once in a life time performance. I loved him then hated him the next minute but in the end I felt like I had changed with him. Maggie Gyllenhaal played a solid role. Even Colin Farrell (who I've never really liked, sorry) added a nice touch to this film. And if that was him singing and playing like I believe Mr. Bridges was then kudos to him.

Just such a good movie. Not so much an inspiration than is was just a goddamn good story. My heart broke by the last scene which general means that it did it's job. And trust me, you'll be downloading the soundtrack as soon as the movie ends. Definitely check it out!


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