Saturday, June 5, 2010

An Education (3)

Best part was Carey Mulligans acting, I thoroughly believe that she is going to make it big and stay there to become a legend. I can't say I felt a connection to her character yet she felt very normal/everyday so maybe...maybe that's a good thing? That she was so relatable that she didn't seem real to me. Does that make sense?

I am a fan of Peter Sarsgaard. No one really knows who he is but you'd be surprised at how many movies he's been in. I also forget about him until he's in yet another movie I watch and I am reminded of why I liked him the time before. Always solid and enjoyable on the screen.

The story is about Jenny (Carey) who is about to graduate a fancy high school and has plans to make a very successful career for herself when she meets David (Peter) and falls in love. After warnings from just about everyone due to the enormous age gap between the two she falls further and further in love with him and begins to let her school work and promising future go for a life of marriage. A shocking discovery sends Jenny's world crashing down and she now needs to find herself again and fight even harder for her dreams.

It was an over all decent movie but didn’t really hold my attention, sometimes I did get a bit bored. I felt I knew the ending right after the first scene but was still emotionally involved in the story. Biggest complaint was the end. It was less than amazing and just seemed to cut off...I hate when they do that.


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