Sunday, June 20, 2010

Invictus (4)

Any movie that leaves you teary eyed and ready to take on the world by the time the credits roll is a good film.

Story of the South African rugby team who, when asked by president Nelson Mandela to help bring their torn country back together, fight amongst themselves and the world to win the cup for their country.

I am partial to based on true story films. This one is no exception. A good story is made even better when you know it really happened. Already you know it has to be a good story and in almost every instance true stories are better than fiction.

Morgan Freeman, you did it again my man. I love everything you do. I would vote for you. In all seriousness, he nailed this roll. No one else could have played Nelson Mandela. Just Morgan Freeman's voice alone moves you to tears, makes you hold your breath and listen intently. Matt Damon who played the captain of the rugby team (Fran├žois Pienaar) did a pretty good job. His accent was frown worthy but then I feel like no one spoke in the same accent throughout the movie. Not sure what that was about. His character didn't need much really but I believe Mr. Damon did a swell job.

The rugby team was like a rugby team. It didn't hit me until right now that they may have all been actors...which would be crazy talk because I believed they were a team. Kudos either way.

Amazing story. Just enough sports in it but didn't over do it like some movies and then end up clogging the story. Some weird slow mo scenes that didn't need to be there; I was already moved. I didn't need it to be slow for an added emotional effect.

I don't and never have watch rugby but that was okay. Morgan Freeman is the bomb and the story is well told. Check this out!


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