Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Complicated (4)

I'm not even 30+, nor have I been married, had kids, or have been through a divorce (although I have been through a pretty tear jerking break up), but I felt connected to the characters for some reason. Usually that reason is good acting.

I mean. Meryl Streep. So. Yeah. Come on. She was obviously amazing. I felt very connected to her. In the funny scenes I was covering my mouth in outbursts of laughter and in the sad scenes I was a face filled with worry. When she was excited, I was. When she was mad, I was right there with her. Very real character.

Alec Baldwin was the perfect attractive 'villain'. I mean, not physically (to me, I'm 23), but he had that Baldwin sass, smirk and convincing yet manipulative lines. Well done on his part. Every time he came to the door or walked into the scene I would hold my breath to see what he would say and do.

Steve Martin was a nice addition. Wish he was in the movie a bit more but then I think the story would have flopped around a little too much. He was that cute, nerdy, funny as hell addition to make a perfect love triangle. Mini spoiler: The pot scene was my absolute favourite. I was crying in laughter. Had to take a water break and it was mostly from watching him.

Like I said, can't really relate to the story but I can relate to the choices. This movie is about choices, for better or worse, and without regrets. I liked that. Everyone can always relate to that.

Good characters, solid and believable story with just enough quirk and humour to make the movie sail by with ease. Entertaining, truthful and lovely.


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