Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jesus Camp (3)

Whoa. What a crazy documentary looking at Evangelism in America.

Okay. I've just learned so much so this review will be less than impressive do to brain overload. If you are interested and/or do not understand religion I suggest watching this. Even if you're super religious I suggest watching this. It takes it to the extreme but, and I hate to say it, make good points from both sides.

Nice to see fellow Christians disagreeing with the tactics of using children to spread the 'word of God'. The whole abortion scene in this movie was insane. How the hell can you expect a 10 year old that because of their religion knows nothing about sex or pregnancy to really understand what abortion is?! Insane.

I really do hate to admit that there were a few points that had me thinking. I am not religious at all but I am very spiritual and I believe in something bigger than myself but it about ends there.

This is insane. And how popular it is and those poor kids...
Eye opening.

Like the lady said in the film: this liberal, non-American, freedom of speech and choice girl is scared shtless now. I might have nightmares.

I always want to give documentaries 5/5 because I feel people should watch more of them. This one is good, it tells a good story but some of the scenes were pretty dull and I feel like I missed out on the flip side of the story. A little too linear for me.


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