Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jonah Hex (3)

DC Comics has done it again. If you like any comic book-esque type of film then definitely don't pass this one up. It's a solid comic book to film movie.

About a man who suffers through the murder of his family by the hands of his commander via revenge. Jonah Hex then becomes a bounty hunter and the government brings him in to find a terrorist which ends up being the man who took his family from him years ago. He is finally able to save America and seek the revenge he's been craving, but will it be that easy?

I am always partial to these type of movies because of the stories. The stories are always so good to me. I get sucked in and believe in the character right through to the end.

The make-up on Jonah Hex was crazy awesome. A little refreshing that the main character was and is the best part of this film. I thought Josh Brolin did a fantastic job. He was suited to play Jonah Hex.

Megan Fox, who plays Jonah's...I guess, love interest? She's a whore (literally) in the movie and then for some reason they love each other. Don't know, that was really weak. Megan, please don't keep playing all these roles where you wear next to nothing and make sexy minx eyes to get a paycheck. I had (and still sort of do) more faith in you than that. Don't make me regret it.

I have to say it even though it makes me sad, John Malkovich was a major let down. I didn't like him at all in this movie. It was...just...lame. *Sigh*

Josh Brolin is the best. Story is good with some good ol' fashioned (and new tricks) gun-fighting-action. Wooohooo.

IF you like comic book movies and/or really dig action flicks check it out. If not you'll probably hate it.


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