Saturday, June 26, 2010

Knight and Day (4)

What a ride, this movie is so much fun!

I don't want to tell the story because I will say some spoilers if I try (at least I feel that I would)

I actually enjoyed Tom Cruise in this movie. A part of me was even strangely attracted to him...which is, interesting. I will say that his age is finally starting to show but it looks good on him. Cameron Diaz was awesome in this movie. I can't say I've ever been a fan of her but I enjoyed her this time around. Her character was appealing so that helped a bunch.

The action was awesome. There was WAY more action in it than I thought which was a nice surprise. Some of the lines were hilarious. I was grinning like a fool for 80% of the movie because of Wouldn't it be cool if this movie came true for you! So much fun.

The main plot itself wasn't interesting to me at all. In fact, I didn't care much about the core story at all. I cared about Roy (Tom Cruise) and June (Diaz) and how they were together. Those characters made this movie. Solid.

A nice, light and fun film to end the day. Entertaining as hell and with a lot of really good scenes.


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