Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lucky Number Sleven (5)

I'm almost tempted to give this movie a 5/5. I've seen it tons of times but each time is like the first time and by the time the credits roll I just want to watch it again. Makes me sad that not a lot of people have heard of or seen this film. Must remedy this!

Don't want to tell you the story because it will just ruin the movie because any telling of the plot will give spoilers and the best part is having no idea what the hell is going on until the last 15 minutes of the movie. So good.

Josh Hartnett (Sleven) is incredible in this film. So far, in my opinion, it's his best role ever. Bruce Willis (Mr. Goodkat) owns as usual and in some cases is even stronger than in some of his more popular movies. Lucy Liu's character (Lindsey) is awesome, she is so much fun. Adds that amazing layer of humour to this movie but doesn't over kill it. Perfection. Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley are solid. I mean, look at this cast!! Gahh!

One of my top 10 action movies, hands down. If you like good movies, action films, smart comedy, thrillers, suspense and/or mystery you will like this film.

I think....yup, I think I'm going to have to...


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