Friday, June 4, 2010

The Wolfman (3)

I’m a big fan of any werewolf, vampire, witch, etc type movie so I’m bias on this one but I thought it was well done. I actually enjoyed the look of the woofies this time around, which isn't always the case. The over all look of this movie appealed to me and added that extra layer to the film.

Del Toro was fantastic, obviously. I think he is under appreciated these days and it upsets me. I've liked him in every movie he's in (that I've seen) and he was the pillar throughout the whole movie. Anthony Hopkins Hopkinsed (new word) it up but his character was thin next to Del Toro, which is a huge deal. I liked Hugo Weaving in this film, as usual, even though he wasn't in the movie as much as I wished he was. Always a solid character no matter how short he's in any movie.

The whole love thing in the story was sort of...well, it just distracted me from what I wanted to see most of the time but I know without it the story wouldn't have worked so I'll shut up now. I did find that the story was not tied together strongly enough and some scenes were very just, "Why are they there?", so I understand why people feel it's a weak film.

I liked the over all story, but once again I love all those fantasy-esque tales. I know my brother didn’t like it as much and thought some of it was quite boring but I think this movie required you to put a little more faith into the story instead of just sitting back and being entertained. I dug it.


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