Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yip Man (4)

Another Chinese, kung-fu fighting movie. Didn't know that it was before watching it but it's good.

I guess it's based on the true story about Master Yip who, after the part of his life told in this movie, is the Master who taught Bruce Lee. Pretty cool stuff! Having the facts at the end really solidified the movie for me. Before that I just thought "what a great story" but knowing it was at least some what true made the film stronger.

Obviously has the Chinese cheese added in. The whole last scene after the final fight is laughable. Don't know...something about slow mo running that cracks me up every time.

I actually liked the main character Master Yip. They didn't make him silly or a drunk or anything. Finally he was just a honest, respectable, intelligent man. Refreshing.

The fights were amazing. Every fight scene (which is about 75% of the movie) is mind blowing. To me it looked like most of the crazy stuff was in real time too. Craziness. How can someone even punch that fast?!

I will say that for the first 20 minutes I was just waiting for some form of plot to come up. What is interesting is this movie has about 5 or 6 different stories within it that come together at the end and revolves around Master Yip. Cool idea that doesn't start working its magic until half way through he movie.

WAY better than True Legend. WAY better. Compared to that 3 I gave it, I would probably give this one a 5 but it's not really "the best fcking movie ever" so...


ps- The international title of this movie is "Ip Man", in case you can't find it.

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