Monday, June 7, 2010

The Young Victoria (4)

If you like any of the royal family/Jane Austen type stories than this is just for you. Although it's also for anyone who enjoys a good story and to learn a little history as the romance in this movie wasn't gushing or full of heart clenches - it was real.

Emily Blunt (Victoria)I applaud you! Well done. I watched this movie having read about how amazing her performance was and she definitely did not disappoint. Rupert Friend (Albert, most noted as Mr. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice) is not only perfectly handsome but well casted to Ms. Blunt which made both their performances shine even brighter. Every scene with them I had a perma-smile. I believe I even sighed like a school girl along with Queen Victoria while she read one of Albert's letters. I was completely convinced of their love.

Paul Bettany (Lord Melbourne). Oh Paul. I will never hate anything you do. Amazing as always. Another one of those amazing actors that hides just out of the lime light...which sort of makes him all the more enjoyable to me. Wish there was more of him.

I personally wanted to see and hear more about the struggles in England during the time frame of the movie. They touch on it here and there but nothing more is said. I know the story is suppose to be about Victoria and Albert but it was hard to understand their individual struggles due to the lack of back story given to the audience. It was also hard to see any change in time. In one scene Albert states "'s been three years..." and I was confused because it felt like a month or so later to me.

Solid drama. Sweet romance and some really perfect scenes. Would love to see a second part to this but know that would be lame. Last thing anyone wants is another Marie Antoinette. *shudder*


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