Saturday, July 31, 2010

Surrogates (3.5)

A science fiction movie about the 'not so far away' future when technology becomes humanity. A man creates surrogates, robots which people live through therefore creating greater equality and ends the woes of mortality. But at what cost? Is it right give up your life to live longer or to live through someone else? When is it too much? One person believes that it is and begins to kill the unkillable.

Bruce Willis who plays the main character Tom Greer was the classic Bruce Willis. Love him. The one person who has chosen action flicks as his thing but still believes acting is important (or at least semi-important). Love the Bruce. Radha Mitchell plays Peters, Tom Greers partner and she was pretty good. Rosamund Pike plays Greers wife and I've missed her in movies. Really like watching her on screen, not sure why.

If you don't like science fiction movies than I'm sure you rolled your eyes at this movie when the trailers started to show. I will be honest, I rolled my eyes too. They made it look really computer graphic'd and lame so I refused to watch it. I love a good science fiction film because they make you think outside the box. Make you think of what you believe in. Surrogates did that for me. Really, when has technology replaced life itself? When can we say "this is enough" and who would stop it?

It wasn't cheesy at all in my opinion. Yes, the story wasn't particularly strong via random side stories and characters that don't go anywhere. The action was decent and I was thoroughly interested for the whole thing. The movie seemed a bit short actually which means I was entertained. Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis, 'nough said there.

I guess I shouldn't have rolled my eyes. I'm glad I finally watched it. Sort of a mix between AI, Gattaca and I, Robot.

What I'm saying is that it was a surprisingly good science fiction flick. Check it out if you like this kind of stuff, otherwise I'm sure you'll disagree with me.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Before Sunset (4)

Two people meet at 16 and promise to meet up 6 months later. One shows but the other doesn't. 9 years later they meet again in France and talk of the night that changed them both forever. Is it too late?

When the movie first ended I had a huge smile on my face. The ending was really awesome. Couldn't have ended in a better way. I couldn't believe that a whole movie about two people catching up would be so interesting but it was. Basically the only thing in the movie is Ethan Hawke and Julie Deply's characters walking, sitting and talking to one another. All of their conversations/topics were so interesting. I was completely sucked in and didn't even realize that it shouldn't have been as beautiful to watch as it was.

I have never seen a movie quite like this. With this sort of beautiful intensity. The satisfaction in the end wasn't lame at all. It was just as perfect and beautiful as them finding each other again. Both in different parts of their lives with different experiences yet wanting the same basic things.

Solid flick. Really great. Ethan and Julie were superb together. Defintely a new favourite romantic comedy. It wasn't so much a comedy as just really sweet. A few chuckles but it was just real.

...I'm smiling like a fool.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7 Days (4.5)

The actual title is Les 7 jours du talion, a superb french Canadian film.

I am emotionally exhausted right now. I actually don't even know if I can review this right now but I will try.

About a doctor who's 8 year old daughter is raped and murdered. Her murderer is found and the father kidnaps him and brings him to a cottage where he tortures him for 7 days, finishing on his daughters 9th birthday.

At first I didn't know what to think of this film. Soon after the suspense starts and when he begins to make plans to kidnap the murderer I had never felt so satisfied. Okay, call me a sick person, but if my daughter was raped and murdered you best believe I'd love to kill the person who did it. Then he starts and it's...I watch a lot of horror and action/blood movies but I couldn't watch. I was literally gagging and had to look away. Gruesome to the point of the worst horror movie I've ever seen. It was so real too. So real. Gross.

Half way through I was so tired, just like the characters. I was emotionally traumatized. By the end I couldn't take it anymore. Just seeing his body laying there all messed up...I couldn't stand it. I think that's exactly what the director and writer was going for.

Although disgusting this movie is brilliant. I honestly...just, wow. My brain is fried so I apologize.

Claude Legault who played Dr. Bruno Hamel was amazing. Just fantastic.

If you don't have a weak stomach and even if you do and can look away while all the bad stuff happens please watch this film. It's so rare that a movie can effect me quite like this. I think I might have nightmares about what I just saw. Yet, because I felt so connected to the character, I feel like I just went through that with him and have learned something new about myself and my beliefs.

So powerful. And the ending...perfect.


Salt (3)

I'm sure you've seen the posters/trailer for this by now. Another badass action chick flick starring Angelina. She's a CIA agent who gets framed for being a Russian spy and once she finds out her husband has been taken she escapes capture and begins the search for him. But who is behind it and what is the bigger plan?

When the first turn in the story came my brain thought of a million different ways the story could go. I was excited to see which one of these they would choose. Is she good, bad, was she tricked or is she tricking everyone. Is it her husband, boss, co-workers or someone unrelated and so on. Then they choose the obvious road. The one so obvious I didn't even guess that they would go that way. Which, to be honest, sucked. I was let down. This story could have been so much better with more twists and turns but instead it was the most linear plot line for an action/thriller I have seen in awhile. Lame.

The action was good though. That whole first escape scene was killer (heh, puns). There were a lot of cool sequences that had me glued to the screen.

I haven't been a fan of Angelina Jolie since, well, Gone in 60 Seconds. Except for Wanted, but she was the same character in that movie than she is in every other movie. Stone cold, death glare and an angry "Ima shoot you!" face. This movie did one thing though: it made me except that about her. Yes, she plays the same character in almost every movie. Not much change, especially physically (hair colour does not count), but that's her thing. I just want her to show me that she can act like way back in the days of Girl Interrupted. I just want a reason to like her again.

I love Liev Schreiber. I don't know what it is. I always love watching him. This film was no exception.

The ending was meh. I felt like it was super obvious once the already obvious part was...well, obvious. I wasn't shocked or anything I just thought "Well, duh!". The very ending ending was lame though. I pray to the movie Gods that there is no sequel. Pretty please.

Good action. Okay story. Decent acting skills. A classic summer blockbuster.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Frost/Nixon (4.5)

High five Ron Howard.

About the political and life changing tapes of the interview between David Frost and Richard Nixon after Nixon resigns his presidency of the United States.

Let me just sum up the awesomeness of this film: Frank Langella, Michael Sheen, Sam Rockwell, Kevin Bacon, Oliver Pratt, Matthew Macfadyen, and the list goes on and on. This movie is it's characters therefore this film was it's actors. Without these names, these actors, this film would have no heart and I don't think it would have been as effective as it was. Such a kickass, stellar cast. I loved seeing all these people together in one room. Beautiful.

At first I thought "how could a movie about the filming of some interview of some a**hole president really be interesting?!".

It was more than interesting. It was static. I was glued to the television. I needed to know what the next line would be. What the research was about. The fights, the money battles and the personal struggles behind the scenes of this interview. Being able to understand one tiny facial expression of a character and understand what he or she is going through. Brilliant.

I am not one to enjoy political films especially not ones so completely political as this or as American. I didn't think I was going to like it and felt I'd be rolling my eyes as they yammered on about democracy and the war...

Not at all. Completely wrong. This is an amazing film. So well organized and edited. It was like watching a boxing match. It was the first time, possibly ever, that a film made me want to listen to American politics and, more importantly, to actually care.


The Invention of Lying (1)

My tagline for this film would have been "This shouldn't have BEEN invented". Honestly the WORST movie I've seen in a looong time. I would give The Back-up Plan 5 stars next to this movie. I honestly had a big fat 0 in the rating up top until I realized that there were a lot of great comedians/actors in this film and that's the only reason it gets that 1.

Some guy who lives in some honest society suddenly realizes he can lie and uses that to become rich and try to get the girl he loves.

This movie was offensive to me. And not me the women or me the 'young' adult or me as any title but just towards me. It offended me because so many amazing films don't make it to the screen yet this movie probably made profit. It is not a comedy. The only time I laughed was due to frustration because I couldn't actually believe how bad it was. And not "bad good" but just bad. Didn't laugh once. Maybe I could claim 2 chuckles but that was it. At one point I looked at my friend and said, "If I hadn't of already invested an hour in this crap I would turn it off".

It went on and on and on and on....
I felt like this movie was 6 hours long. I had just watched 2012 the night before and I would have rather watched that film 10 times before giving this one a chance. So bad.

The main story line doesn't even make sense. It's not about people 'not lying' but just expressing themselves. That was it. Also the whole fact that he was tricking some girl into loving him and stealing money from people was not funny. That is not funny at all. I'd rather see a dog take a poop.

I just. I can't say anymore. The only thing that made it worse was that some amazing faces showed up here and there. Some of my favourite actors had little scenes and I was embarrassed that they were a part of this.

Ricky Gervais...I liked you in Extras but stick to TV....or....take up cooking. Not a fan of Jennifer Garner. I makes me sad.

I wish I had watched Obsessed. I at least laughed during that film...


2012 (2)

Oh yes, that movie. That one about the end of the world. You know, 2012.

I will be honest (as I always try to be) and say that this film was way better than I thought it was going to be. Yes, it seemed to be 5 hours long. Yes, how the characters acted didn't exactly warrant them to live through the end of the world in my opinion but they did. Yes, John Cusack used to be amazing and now we all aren't so sure. Yes, the special effects were way blown out of proportion but in an exciting blockbuster way. No, it was not realistic. No, the writing was not what you would call good. No, the acting was nothing to be excited about.

But Woody Harrelson is some crazy, homeless, hippy guy.
No idea why that should be a separate point except that it was so random and ridiculous.

If you're drunk or bored or both you may like this movie. If anything it's more hilarious than most comedies.

Also if you like seeing close calls when you know they will make it or planes taking off and landing over and over again you will like this movie.

But you already knew it wasn't going to be a masterpiece, right?


Friday, July 23, 2010

Everybody's Fine (2.5)

An older man loses his wife and his children begin falling out of touch. After a failed attempt to have them all over one weekend Frank decides to surprise visit each of his children in the different cities they now live in. Along the way he finds that with each surprise he is unwanted and begins to realize that each of his children are not what he believed them to be.

I thought this movie was going to be a lighthearted drama/comedy but man I was so wrong. This movie is really depressing. It's super fcking sad. Not only does this man lose his wife but then begins losing his children while suffering an illness and when he goes to see them they basically turn him away while lying to his face. Then in the end the worst news imaginable is finally revealed.

The title to me is even more depressing. Everyone has problems and aren't happy but they're 'fine'. Lame.

I'm not sure what to think of this film. A lot of the mini stories seemed inconclusive or distracting. Is the movie about telephone cables and staying connected or is it about being an overbearing father? Getting old? Loss? All of them?

The movie was meh. Which sucks because it's Robert De Niro and he is awesome. Drew Barrymore is in it too and I've always liked her. Good to see Sam Rockwell play a non-creepy, almost normal role too.

I don't think I liked it. It was okay but didn't do anything for me really. Just made me depressed.


Oldboy (3.5)

2003 South Korean indie film.

This film is messed up. Their tagline about sums it up: "15 years of imprisonment, five days of vengeance."

About a man who gets kidnapped one day and imprisoned in what looks like a cheap hotel room for 15 years. No one tells him why or speaks to him. One day he wakes up on a rooftop and instantly tries to seek revenge. But to who and for what? Will finding the truth set him free or imprison him again? Sometimes secrets aren't meant to be told.

I don't want to say more about the story because if you do watch this film then knowing more then you should will ruin it for you. The story is messed up though. It really is.

The acting was decent enough. The main character played some intense scenes but sometimes it was a bit much for me, his acting that is. A little over kill here and there but whatcha gunna do?

The story started out amazing. His imprisonment was the most exciting part. After that it kept building but then right when the climax was about to happen they flash back to a memory and the flow of the story gets thrown off to right field. I found this distracting to the point of losing interest. The build stopped and then 15 minutes later the climax came and then built again. Strange but different. I'm just not used to that I guess.

The very ending was hard for me to except...why would he want to forget again? That just seems weird to me. And the reason for his imprisonment seems WAY too crazy for me to grasp. Like, really, he deserved that because of what he did? I don't think so...

These things that 'ruin' the film for me actually make it stronger because here I am still talking about how I don't understand and why would this or that happen. Which is good.

So messed up.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Descent (4.5)

This movie makes me want to watch more horror films. I still have a crazy heart beat right now.

About a group of girl friends who are thrill seekers. One year after an unfortunately accident with one of the girls family they decide to try caves on for size. The leader of the group says that this cave is in some book but then surprise she lied and has no idea where they are. They soon find out that they aren't the only things in the caves.

At first this movie was lame. It wasn't only slow but I just could care less about anything that was going on. I was a bit bored to be honest and felt cheated by all the horror critics for telling me this was a top 20 of the decade. Then about half way through I realized that they were right.

You wouldn't think a movie that was filmed in small, dark holes would be thrilling but it was that and then some. I felt all the feelings that went along with being in a confined space like that. Add a sense of urgency, death, screams and some fcked up looking creatures that move like The Ring girl and I want to vomit. I was...freaking out actually near the end.

Any slash/bloody/fight/chase scenes were amplified at least double the intensity by the director only allowing you to see half (if that) of what actually is going on. The characters can't see in front of them or around the corner and neither can you. Makes for one hell of a ride.

Man oh man if you like thriller/horror watch this thing. If not yet you appreciate a new, exciting film then watch it. If you don't like blood or scare easily at least don't watch it alone.

My heart is still pounding.


RIP: A remix manifesto 5/5

One of my all time favourite documentaries. Not only because it's Canadian but because of what the film is all about: copyrights.

It doesn't need much of an intro/explanation because the discussion is really about culture and having the freedom to share culture. Watching this film always re-instates my belief that media is culture and therefore it is and should be in the public domain.

And we may all thing: copyright = America. That is not true. At all. Copyrights are everywhere. Especially to my Canadian peeps out there. This is just as important to us. Especially since new laws are being written every year that makes it harder and harder for us to have the freedom to share and discuss our culture. Everyone needs to watch this film so that you know and understand what is happening here. It's not about control or protection, it's all about who gets the most money in the end.

The arguments are pure and well organized and this documentary is also visually and musically stimulating. It's a fun watch.

You can watch it for free (and legally) here:


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (3.5)

I love nerdy movies like this.

About a boy Dave who one day runs into a strange man (Nicholas Cage) who tells him he will be the greatest sorcerer in 1000 years. 10 years later this man finds him again and begins training him. At the same time evil sorcerer's are on the move, planning something that will destroy the world. Will Dave find his courage and his power in time?

I know that you may roll your eyes but I still love Nicholas Cage. I just love watching him in films. He just, has something about him that I find appealing/entertaining and no matter the role I always enjoy him in all his movies. Best part of this film for me...besides all the cool magic.

Jay Baruchel (Dave) was decent. I still don't know how I feel about this guy. I sort of find him annoying. It's not just the voice, which by the way I cringe at sometimes, it's just that I don't entirely believe him when he acts. Not yet anyways. I hope he's one of those actors that proves me wrong but I'm not so sure. For this role though he was well suited and did his part.

Dragons. Magic. Spells. Good vs. Evil. Just enough humour. I honestly was hoping for more magic stuff than they showed but I'm glad they formed some more story around the characters. That was key to feel some connection to an 1000 year old tale.

If you like fantasy-esque, dragons and magic stuff then you'll be entertained by this. Light and fun. Some cool fight scenes and N. Cage all up ons. Good times. I was very entertained and grinned like a fool a lot. But I always love these silly movies.


G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2.5)

This movie definitely pulled all the stops to be a classic blockbuster. Right down to the motorcycle and leather jacket in the rain and the slow mo, bad ass walk to the finish line. Yeah, sure, I giggled at those parts because it has been done over and over again but that didn't mean it's necessarily a bad thing. was kind of bad.

Some bad guy stole some weapons and the G.I. Joe's have to go after them before they begin blowing up the world. Yup, that about sums it up.

Channing Tatum (main character) did his best. He was laughable in a lot of scenes but that wasn't always his fault. Some of the one liners in this are HILARIOUS and what makes them even more hilarious is that they were trying to be serious. His action face looks like "I'm bored" but he did his best and fit his part. Every other character was meh. The random Brendan Fraser cameo was weird...but hey, Canada represent!

I still cannot believe that Joseph Gordan-Levitt was the Cobra Commander. Way to go make up and wardrobe. High five. A little too much like Vader in the end though.

Very summer blockbuster. The action was no brainer and fun. The story isn't all bad but the writing wasn't strong at all and I knew what was going to happen at least 30 minutes before it did. Definitely not a "thinking" film. Which is nice sometimes. So if you want to be entertained while you eat some chicken (like I did) then hit this up.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Lookout (4)

Wooo. My mind is still buzzing from that ending...

A 2007 film written and directed by Scott Frank.

About high school all-star Chris (Joseph Gordan-Levitt) who gets in an awful car accident one night killing two friends, wounding his girlfriend and ends up with him suffering from serious brain damage. He then tries to live his life via his to-do notebook and his blind roomie Lewis (Jeff Daniels) while working as a janitor at a local bank. One night at a bar he meets a new friend Gary (Matthew Goode) who later reveals his plans to rob the bank Chris works at and use him to achieve this goal. Is Chris smart enough to do the right thing or dumb enough to do the wrong. Or vice versa?

I guess by now you can tell I'm on a Joseph kick. I just cannot get enough of his acting. Yet again incredible in this film. I believe every time he forgets or lashes out and doesn't know why. Simple things like opening a can ends in him wrecking the apartment and sitting in a corner. I really did feel for Chris, even when he was doing the wrong thing.

Jeff Daniels was such a great surprise! I've always liked him. He played Lewis really well, it's never easy to pretend to be blind but I was watching his eyes and I say kudos to him. High five. Matthew Goode (aka dreamboat) was another nice surprise. I've liked him in every role I've seen so far too...this one was a little smaller but still. Completely likable. *nod*

The story really appealed to me. The writing was great and the characters seemed very real to me. Especially Chris. His story just...I was definitely crying for him. But also cheering for him. Awesome.

Another beaut film.


The Ugly Truth (3)

About Abby (Katerine Heigl) who is a television producer on a show that is going down hill. Her boss then brings in Mike (Gerard Butler) who has a show talking about what guys really look for in a women. Abby is disgusted by this man yet he brings the ratings up. Abby then meets Colin (Eric Winter) who is actually her dream man and Mike promises Abby that he can help her get Colin and keep him but is it Colin that she really wants?

I laughed quite hard in a lot of scenes due to the awkwardness with Heigl's character Abby. She was hilarious. I liked her a lot in this film. Gerard Butler wasn't really funny more than just pretty and in a lot of cases came across as a major creep.

The story is pretty basic. I knew what the ending was going to be and called any major plot 'twists' about 10 minutes before they happened but it is a standard romantic comedy so what do you expect. I enjoyed Butler as the main guy because he wasn't the typical romantic figure but rather disgusting but with a soft heart...kind of like majority of guys really. At least the ones I've met...

Anyways. Pretty funny. Some of the scenes had me covering my mouth murmuring "Oh no, oh no...!" and laughing. Yet the story was super obvious. Entertaining though.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Inception (5)

This is the best movie I have seen in years and years. Since Lord of the Rings and The Matrix. Yes, it is that epically mindfcking amazing!

I will not say anything about the story except that it is about dreams. I think if you know even a little but too much than the whole ride is less thrilling and superb.

Leonardo DiCaprio was amazing as usually. It didn't even hit me how good he was until the very end when the credits rolled and I realized that yes, that was Leo I was watching. Ridiculously talented that guy. I could watch him for days and days...

Joseph Gordan-Levitt who is one of my all time favourites had WAY more screen time than I could have even hoped for. He was pretty much second in command. Amazing job once again with that character and all the stunts! Whew! Spectacular. It was such a rush to watch any scene with him. Amazing job on all the crazy scenes my man. My favourite scene was the main one with him in it (no spoilers).

Ellen Page and every single person who was in this movie was at their 100% best. No lies. Hands down. With a cherry. I was blown away by every single performance. Completely in the zone and nailed it. High fives for all!

Let's just talk about how fcking crazy amazing Christopher Nolan is. Not only is the directing A+ but the's the best script since The Matrix in my opinion. It's not like that though, I use that as reference as one film that actually changed my life (I know it sounds corny but it actually did). I actually will accept that it's better and more original. I left that movie feeling awake. Like my eyes were opened and I was seeing everything. It was like reading an entire textbook and getting that buzz...

Writing was perfection. The script...just...UGH!! No words. And the score. My God. The music had my blood flowing and my fist in my mouth with adrenaline and emotion.

This movie did not slow down for the audience. Oh no Sir. They strapped you in and you were on the craziest roller coaster imaginable. Then just when you think it's about to be over there's another drop...then another...and another...Climax after climax after plot twist after mindfck. Brilliant.

Literally breathless for parts of this film. My heart was pumping ultra fast and I couldn't look away.

There are just not enough words. I don't even know what else to say really. It was perfect. I cannot think of one single thing I didn't like about this film. Nothing. I tried on the entire 30 minute commute home but I couldn't.

And the ending...PERFECT. I loved it. Loooved it!


...I'm going to see it again tomorrow.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Predators (3)

I'm sure if you haven't seen the original that you at least know the story so I wont have to explain any plot at all because it's basically the same story but with different characters (sort of, same personalities though).

I liked seeing Adrien Brody play a role like this. It's nice to know that he can go from drama into and intense, 8 pack, killing machine of manhood and lust (okay, maybe a little too far). Everyone else was just...there.

At first I thought it was lame because, besides how they initially got there, all the characters were exactly the same as in the original. They were in some jungle and what not too. Then I noticed a bunch of the lines were the same as well and that had me puzzled. At one point I got bored because I knew exactly what was going to happen because they didn't even bother to re-write the script except to add in a few aliens and some other minor twists.

Even though it was, to me, the exact same as the original except more corny and less exciting I still liked it in the end. I did. Sort of. Not the very end, that was not a good ending, but the bit before that.

I'm not sure what to think of this. If it was an original idea I would probably rave about how it was new and exciting and I loved it. Yet, it was the exact same fcking story with almost the exact some fcking characters...

I liked it because I liked the original. I love the original and I'm sorry Adrien but no matter how hard you try you cannot be Schwarzenegger but you were still pretty awesome. Actually, besides the Predators, Adrien was the best part.

If you like the Predator movies you will like it...if you can get past it being the same thing but made to suit the 2010 crowd. I mean, I didn't hate it, but of course I wouldn't if it was basically a remake of what I already like.



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Despicable Me (2.5)

About a man who spends his life being evil and one day he meets three orphan girls who he realizes he needs their help to carry out his biggest plan yet: to steal the moon. He adopts them and they begin living with him and slowly he begins to change. Will he be able to carry out his plan and stay on track or will these three girls change his heart and his life forever?

I didn't really find this movie funny at all. There were a couple chuckles and a few giggles but that was about it. I guess I just didn't feel anything towards any character. I did like the little alien type guys, they were cute. I don't know. The story didn't really do anything for me. And if the story isn't backed up by some connectable character than I get bored.

I was bored for the first half of the movie. I wonder if kids were too or if it's just me? I was curious to see what would happen so I kept watching and the last 30 minutes were pretty good. Corny ending though...a little painful. Best part was the kitten book, that's all I'll say about that.

Steve Carell did the voice of the main character but you wouldn't be able to tell. He did an amazing job there, really! I wouldn't have been able to tell you it was him if I hadn't already known.

*shrug* Just didn't do it for me but I'm glad I watched it, it had some good scenes. I'd wait for the DVD.


Brick (4.5)

Movie about Brendan who gets a phone call from his ex Emily two days before he finds her body. He then begins the hunt for her murderer and to frame the people who were the cause of her death. By doing so he gets beaten, followed and comes close to death trying to find out who took the girl he loved away from him.

At first this movie started out kind of slow. I was confused a little. Then I started to really listen to the dialogue and the lingo that was being spoken was unusual and interesting. It threw me right into this world that I never knew existed and they had me from there. Then with each new character is a new twist. A new turn. A new possibility. It's been a long time since I've watched such a perfectly crafted mystery film. That's what it was really, besides amazing, it was a perfectly written and performed murder mystery.

Joseph Gordan-Levitt...just...perfect. I honestly, he just...broken my heart he was so good. I didn't even recognize him at all. His portrayal of Brendan and who he was in that world was spectacular. Him dropping the dialogue like it was his first language and him escaping all the fcked up scenarios and scenes was fantastic. I loved this character with a capitol L. He was this movie. Hands down. No one else could have played this part like he did.

This story is astounding. I really had no idea what was going to happen and even when I did and it was mostly right there was another side of it that was also true that I didn't even see. I love reading murder mystery/crime type books but generally shy away from those films because they are never good enough. I can always tell what is going to happen or the characters are masked by the plot. Not this time.

A little corky. Different. Smart. Thrill ride. With perfection from Joseph and surprise from all angles.

Oh ya, see this film.


Monday, July 12, 2010

The Time Traveler's Wife (4)

I wasn't sure about this movie which is why it has taken me this long to watch it. I liked it. It not only quenched my womanly thirst for romance but my nerdy side with all the time travel talk. Sweet.

Eric Bana plays Henry who is a time traveler. He comes and goes and shows up at different places and there is no telling when he leaves again. He meets Clare who is played by Rachel McAdams and they fall in love. Can you still love someone when you never know when they will be there or not?

This movie reached out to a lot of common couple problems and didn't hold back on some of the harsher scenes. Eric and Rachel were pretty good as a couple. I loved Eric Bana in this film. Rachel McAdams was just...sort of par in my eyes for this movie. Eric was completely in it and so handsome and amazing. I believed his growing older and all of his struggles.

My favourite thing about this was, besides Eric, the time travel. Learning what it is and why it happens was so interesting to me. I loved that he kept coming back and coming back and where he would end up. Loved this character a lot I guess. haha.

I enjoyed myself. I had some tears here and there and some laughs too. Not really a 'chick flick' in my opinion but it was formed around love. Generally a good story with some cool time travel knowledge. Very interesting.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Crazies (4)

A good old tale about a virus that takes over a small town via the water in Iowa. The side effects of this virus is craziness and a lust to kill things, especially people. David and Judy are not infected and try to escape the virus, the government who is beginning extermination and the crazies.

I haven't watch many horror films, I want to change that. This one was actually pretty scary. I usually don't gasp or jump or what not in films but I did twice in this movie. That's saying a lot. The people infected were pretty horrible looking and there was some good, intense scenes.

Radha Mitchell played Judy and she was good. No low cut, white tops in the rain. Very good scream. She was a doctor who was actually smart and didn't do many stupid things. It was nice. Timothy Olyphant played David and he was alright. Not sure why but I enjoyed Radha better in this film. She makes a more believable "I'm scared" face I guess. Definitely wore the pants in that relationship. Heh.

Compared to most of the horror movies I've seen this one is a gem. I was scared and entertained for the whole thing. I don't think I ever laughed at something that was suppose to be serious. There weren't a lot of "What a dumb ass!" or "Don't go in there idiot!" comments and any that were made were for little things like going into the dark instead of staying in the light and always breaking away from the group. Idiots. Yet it wouldn't have been very interesting or scary if they hadn't but, ya know...

Good horror flick. Story was interesting yet iffy but the thrills sort of covered that weakness. The ending was obvious.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

All About Steve (4.5)

This was literally one of the most hilarious movies I've ever seen. I don't remember laughing out loud that much in a movie in ages.

About Mary who makes crossword puzzles, lives with her parents and is single. She then goes on a blind date with Steve and she falls in love. He thinks she's nuts and through the mixing of words semi-invites her to follow him as he works as a news channel camera man. Mary begins her journey after Steve and meets some colourful people along the way.

Besides all the amazing and beautifully executed comedy the two best parts of this movie are Sandra Bullock and the ending. The ending was a happy ending but not in the way you'd think (that's all I'll say, no spoilers).

Sandra, Sandra, Sandra. You rock my world. I've been a fan of her since, well, seems like forever. Fantastic in this film. Nailed it. 100%. No one else could have played this character like her. Bradley Cooper was great in this movie was well, I tip my hat to him. Thomas Haden Church was a nice touch. Extra bonus that added more hilariousness.

Hilarious. Just amazing. I was laughing really hard for the entire thing and the ending wasn't corny at all which is rare in comedies. Brilliant.


Uncertainty (4)

An amazing independent film starring Joseph Gordan-Levitt and the beautiful Lynn Collins. Looking at life based on the decisions we make. One decision made can completely change your day and sometimes your entire life.

Looking at two ways July 4th could work out for Bobby and Kate. One decisions leads to them finding a cell phone in a cab that is connected to illegal doings and they begin running (literally) for their lives. The other decision leads to a family dinner, intense conversations, finding a cute dog and going home together. Both stories could have happened...what would be your choice?

The entire movie was just amazing. I am still buzzing from it. I love, love, love movies that look at the flip side of that story. That yes, one decision we make can literally change our lives. One morning you wake up and your life could just blow up in your face. These characters that were written are just you and me. Young people that are looking life in the face but don't know where to go or what to do. The writing was amazing. The stories coming together/working side by side was perfect. Actually perfect.

By the end of this movie I was, just...whoa. Feeling like I lived both of the stories with the characters. What a ride.

Joseph Gordan-Levitt was spectacular. This man can act. I have never not loved him in any film he has done (to date) and I jump for joy when I see that he is working on another film. I believe him when he acts, what more do you need? Lynn Collins was amazing, especially coupled with Joseph. She shone all on her own but when they looked at each other or kissed I was right there with her. Such a beautiful, talented actor and I cannot wait to see her more!

Natural characters portrayed by great actors and writing to be inspired by and leave you buzzed by the end of the film. I really liked this movie.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Last Airbender (3)

About Aang, the boy who was destined to become the Avatar and keep harmony in the world. The Fire Benders have since taken over the planet and it is up to Aang to face his past and control his future and that of the entire planet.

I always love these sort of movies. Seeing how all the different characters moved the elements was just awesome for me. It was hard for me not to like this film because of that beautiful world they made but there were a few thorns in my side.

Noah Ringer who played Aang was actually decent. There were a few of his "angry" scenes that made me snicker a little but he rocked the moves so high five. Nicola Peltz who played Katara was also good except they started to give you her character but then took it away again and left her on the sidelines. Not sure what that was all about. Her brother Sokka, played by the good-for-the-eyes Jackson Rathbone, seemed almost unnecessary he was in so few scenes and yet they always stuck him in the background saying one liners. Strange.

Not entirely fond of the directing in this. I will say that. Best part about it was all the work special effects did with all the elements. Especially water. That was amazing. I was pretty vocal in my excitement throughout all of those scenes. Really liked it.

Hated how they left the end of the movie for a sequel. I really do not like when films do that. They cut the story in half so you have no choice but to see the next one. I want the choice. I like when there is an option for a sequel but there doesn't have to be in order to finish the story. *sigh* Can't win 'em all.

If it wasn't for the special effects this movie would suck the big one.


Monday, July 5, 2010

A Single Man (4.5)

I haven't seen a movie quite like this since The Hours and that movie literally left me on the floor in self awareness and contemplation.

About a gay man who's life long lover dies in a car accident and his attempt to live his life as best he can without him. One day it seems too much and he begins to make preparations but life steps in and reminds him that he is alive. Will that be enough?

Colin Firth (George) is extraordinary in this film. Absolutely stunning. I generally love him in every movie but this time may actually be my favourite roll that he has done. He seemed so real. I felt a lot of love and connection to him throughout the entire film. Julianne Moore (Charley) added a nice touch but her appearances were sort of the bridge to this amazing song. Both Nicholas Hoult (Kenny) and Matthew Goode (Jim) were good supporting actors along side Mr. Firth. I am totally in love with Matthew Goode...just saying.

This is a serious movie with a big, broken heart but with some great intense scenes and some slight humour to bring it all together. Characters were great, a few shots were breathtaking and Colin Firth is at 150%.

I felt like I was born again after this movie. That my life was put back into perspective. The narration done by Colin added that extra layer that solidified this film.

Just. Amazing. One of the best dramas I've seen in awhile. I'm still in shock.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ninja Assassin (4)

This is hands down one of the best ninja/kung fu/fighting movies I've ever seen.

About a young ninja that decides to leave the orphanage that raised him which causes him to be hunted by his clan. Once he leaves he tries to stop their hidden cause and finds some help along the way, but his real battle must be fought alone.

Rain who plays the lead character Raizo was amazing. He could actually act which was nice. He also could kick more ass than a thousand shoes. The english researcher or whatever she was was pretty annoying. I wasn't a fan. Thought she could have played that character differently and better but she was just on the sidelines. The story itself wasn't half bad. It made sense and was constant which is rare in these types of stories.

Loved the fights. I've said that a lot for other movies that would kneel before this film in shame but this time I really, really mean it. Really. Such cool scenes. Almost as breath taking as the first time I watched 300. The two knives on a chain weapon was fantastic and the fights they choregraphed with them were intense. Very cool. A lot of different moves.

Some people would say this was too gory but for me it wasn't Kill Bill or 300 ish, it was actually realistic. Well, maybe not entirely, but more realistic than 300. If you cut someone in half at ninja speed you bet blood would fly! Some people might be grossed out by this, they do show just about everything (that includes some brains, bones and the like) but I thought it was awesome. heh.

Great action, okay story, amazing lead character and just about the best fighting I've seen since...well...Kill Bill or...well, not sure what other film I could compare it to.

Watch it!


Grown Ups (3)

The newest Happy Madison/Adam Sandler project.

About 5 friends that were together since elementary school and stayed connected via their love of their basketball coach. His funeral 30 years later brings them together again and they decide to try and make the coach proud by spending time with each other and their own families.

I've always liked Adam Sandler. There are a few of his films that I don't like (ex. Little Nicky) but generally I love what he does. I enjoyed this movie, until the last 30-40 minutes. It was painful after that. I'm not sure what even happened there...suddenly it seemed like an entirely different and awful film. Maybe the writers got lazy or maybe that's what happens when you try to fit two plots into one movie and then tuck another group of characters in at the very end. Strange. Didn't work for me.

Adam Sandler is awesome. I'm really glad that Kevin James has joined the Happy Madison team, he was a nice addition to this movie. Chris Rock we way less annoying than he usually is. David Spade and Rob Schneider were my least favourite...I don't think I'd be upset if they didn't do any more movies. Just saying.

I liked the comedy. It was very one liner all over the place but in a good way. Basically everyone was making fun of each other and it's hilarious. I was laughing pretty hard in some scenes. The granny and some of the other characters were not funny and I wish they had cut back on some of the unnecessary, sideline characters. Of course some of the scenes were awful, but that's how it works.

I really enjoyed myself, like I said, until the last 30 minutes of the movie. I did not like that part at all. The comedy was good and it was fun. If you're not a big comedy go-er or Adam Sandler lover I'm sure you'll hate your life.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Book of Eli (2.5)

A post-apocalyptic tale where a man fights his way across the US in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secret to saving mankind.

I want to start by saying that I loved the look of this movie. I liked the green/grey tint of everything, it looked stunning to me.

I was bored. It took me two days to finish this movie not only because I was bored but because of internet problems. I used to be a really big fan of Denzel Washington who played Eli. A huge fan. I haven't seen him really act differently since...well, Training Day or just before. He always has the same tone. The same look, and it makes me sad to know he's probably going to fade out. Mila Kunis who played Eli's companion Solara for the better part of the film was decent. She played the supporting role as well as she could.

Best parts were the fight scenes. They made Denzel kick some serious ugly butt in this flick. He was super badass.

It felt like Mad Max meets the Wild Wild West meets The Road. What I mean to say is that it's been done before. I didn't see or feel anything new really.

The whole thing being about the Bible kind of ruined it for me. Okay, no, completely ruined it for me. I'm sorry to say this but I personally do not believe that 30 years after everything is blown up that the Bible would be the one thing that can still save mankind. That it would be the one thing that unites us again and brings peace. I'm sorry. It's not working now and compared to Shakespeare and other classics I don't think people who wouldn't know any better would feel a powerful connection to one over the other. It just...doesn't really work for me. Sorry, I guess.

It was okay. Denzel was okay. The knife/fight scenes were awesome and so were some of the sets. I could have gone my life without seeing it though.


Friday, July 2, 2010

100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

RATED R!!! Warning, heavy swearing!!

I didn't want to post things like this on this blog but this was just too good to not share. Also there are so many must see movies that are shown here that I think it's very educational. Enjoy.

Here is a List of Movies Cited in the Above Video: *

0’00 - Roxanne, Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Gleaming the Cube, The Princess Bride, A Fish Called Wanda, Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, Casino, Three Amigos, A Clockwork Orange

1’05 - Dolemite, Glengarry Glen Ross, Bad Santa, The Witches of Eastwick, The Big Lebowski, In Bruges, Full Metal Jacket, There Will Be Blood

2’05 - Toy Story, Casablanca, Encino Man, The Women, Predator, Army of Darkness, They Live, Uncle Buck, Big Trouble in Little China, New Jack City, Billy Madison

3’00 - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Departed, Carlito’s Way, In the Loop, Glengarry Glen Ross, Stand By Me, Grosse Pointe Blank, Duck Soup, Caddyshack, Planes Trains & Automobiles

4’00 - South Park, Napoleon Dynamite, Mean Girls, The Breakfast Club, As Good as It Gets, The 6th Day, Step Brothers, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Full Metal Jacket, City Slickers, Road House, True Grit, Shot Circuit

5’00 - Raging Bull, The Usual Suspects, Snatch, Caddyshack, The Last Boy Scout, Ghostbusters, The Sandlot, As Good as It Gets

6’00 - 48 Hrs, In Bruges, Silver Streak, Glengarry Glen Ross, A Fish Called Wanda, Goodfellas, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, The Mist, Trading Places

7’00 - The Warriors, Point Break, Gangs of New York, Reservoir Dogs, The Breakfast Club, The Cowboys, Full Metal Jacket, Dodgeball, Donnie Darko, Scarface, The Good the Bad and the Ugly

8’00 - Anchorman, Tropic Thunder, Sexy Beast, In the Loop, Get Shorty, Blazing Saddles, The Way of the Gun, Blade: Trinity, Clerks, The Boondock Saints, The Exorcist, What About Bob?, Weird Science

9’00 - Con Air, True Romance, In the Loop, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Lake Placid, The Front, Gone with the Wind

*Following was found on

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse (4)

I will state that I am a Twilight fan so of course I liked the movie but the 3rd book was my least favourite out of the 4 so I think my bias levels out a bit.

Things start to get more intense in the love triangle and Jacob tries on last time to get Bella's heart. Werewolves and vampires need to start working together if either are to survive and in order to protect Bella. Edward is pushing for marriage and is his Edward self. His love for Bella really starts to form in this movie.

I think that the characters have never been stronger. All of them. The best thing about this movie is you finally get to know the back story of the other Cullens. The stories are awesome. You do get a little more insight into the werewolves but they left a bunch of stuff from the book out, as is always the case.

The fight scene was AWESOME. I was totally taken by surprise by that! They rocked it. I was all ohh and ahh all over the place during it. Seeing the werewolves really fight was awesome too.

I feel like they left a little too much important dialogue out between Edward and Bella. For me the third book makes you see why they both really love each other enough to die for one another. You get to see how Bella really feels towards Jacob and feel that confusion. I thought that strong emotional drive was left out between those three. Which sucks because besides the fight that's the only thing that happens. They did try though, you can't ever get a film to be exactly like the book. Unless it's 6 hours long. What they did fit in definitely shapes the closing to this story.

Taylor was the best in this movie. His acting is definitely improving. I've always liked Kristen Stewart but felt she did her best to show everyone her emotional struggles in the short scenes she had with them. Robert was pretty good, I felt like the director took a bit of his character away by having too many close up shots of Edwards face. And a lot of shots/lines made me laugh. There was so much corn all over the place it was like a Cob Fest.

If you like these stories you will love it. I thought it was just as good if not a bit better than New Moon do to more characters being added into the mix. The team work from the werewolves and them just being in it more was awesome. Great fight scene. Good corny love and some good laughs.

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