Saturday, July 10, 2010

All About Steve (4.5)

This was literally one of the most hilarious movies I've ever seen. I don't remember laughing out loud that much in a movie in ages.

About Mary who makes crossword puzzles, lives with her parents and is single. She then goes on a blind date with Steve and she falls in love. He thinks she's nuts and through the mixing of words semi-invites her to follow him as he works as a news channel camera man. Mary begins her journey after Steve and meets some colourful people along the way.

Besides all the amazing and beautifully executed comedy the two best parts of this movie are Sandra Bullock and the ending. The ending was a happy ending but not in the way you'd think (that's all I'll say, no spoilers).

Sandra, Sandra, Sandra. You rock my world. I've been a fan of her since, well, seems like forever. Fantastic in this film. Nailed it. 100%. No one else could have played this character like her. Bradley Cooper was great in this movie was well, I tip my hat to him. Thomas Haden Church was a nice touch. Extra bonus that added more hilariousness.

Hilarious. Just amazing. I was laughing really hard for the entire thing and the ending wasn't corny at all which is rare in comedies. Brilliant.


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