Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Crazies (4)

A good old tale about a virus that takes over a small town via the water in Iowa. The side effects of this virus is craziness and a lust to kill things, especially people. David and Judy are not infected and try to escape the virus, the government who is beginning extermination and the crazies.

I haven't watch many horror films, I want to change that. This one was actually pretty scary. I usually don't gasp or jump or what not in films but I did twice in this movie. That's saying a lot. The people infected were pretty horrible looking and there was some good, intense scenes.

Radha Mitchell played Judy and she was good. No low cut, white tops in the rain. Very good scream. She was a doctor who was actually smart and didn't do many stupid things. It was nice. Timothy Olyphant played David and he was alright. Not sure why but I enjoyed Radha better in this film. She makes a more believable "I'm scared" face I guess. Definitely wore the pants in that relationship. Heh.

Compared to most of the horror movies I've seen this one is a gem. I was scared and entertained for the whole thing. I don't think I ever laughed at something that was suppose to be serious. There weren't a lot of "What a dumb ass!" or "Don't go in there idiot!" comments and any that were made were for little things like going into the dark instead of staying in the light and always breaking away from the group. Idiots. Yet it wouldn't have been very interesting or scary if they hadn't but, ya know...

Good horror flick. Story was interesting yet iffy but the thrills sort of covered that weakness. The ending was obvious.


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