Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Descent (4.5)

This movie makes me want to watch more horror films. I still have a crazy heart beat right now.

About a group of girl friends who are thrill seekers. One year after an unfortunately accident with one of the girls family they decide to try caves on for size. The leader of the group says that this cave is in some book but then surprise she lied and has no idea where they are. They soon find out that they aren't the only things in the caves.

At first this movie was lame. It wasn't only slow but I just could care less about anything that was going on. I was a bit bored to be honest and felt cheated by all the horror critics for telling me this was a top 20 of the decade. Then about half way through I realized that they were right.

You wouldn't think a movie that was filmed in small, dark holes would be thrilling but it was that and then some. I felt all the feelings that went along with being in a confined space like that. Add a sense of urgency, death, screams and some fcked up looking creatures that move like The Ring girl and I want to vomit. I was...freaking out actually near the end.

Any slash/bloody/fight/chase scenes were amplified at least double the intensity by the director only allowing you to see half (if that) of what actually is going on. The characters can't see in front of them or around the corner and neither can you. Makes for one hell of a ride.

Man oh man if you like thriller/horror watch this thing. If not yet you appreciate a new, exciting film then watch it. If you don't like blood or scare easily at least don't watch it alone.

My heart is still pounding.


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