Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse (4)

I will state that I am a Twilight fan so of course I liked the movie but the 3rd book was my least favourite out of the 4 so I think my bias levels out a bit.

Things start to get more intense in the love triangle and Jacob tries on last time to get Bella's heart. Werewolves and vampires need to start working together if either are to survive and in order to protect Bella. Edward is pushing for marriage and is his Edward self. His love for Bella really starts to form in this movie.

I think that the characters have never been stronger. All of them. The best thing about this movie is you finally get to know the back story of the other Cullens. The stories are awesome. You do get a little more insight into the werewolves but they left a bunch of stuff from the book out, as is always the case.

The fight scene was AWESOME. I was totally taken by surprise by that! They rocked it. I was all ohh and ahh all over the place during it. Seeing the werewolves really fight was awesome too.

I feel like they left a little too much important dialogue out between Edward and Bella. For me the third book makes you see why they both really love each other enough to die for one another. You get to see how Bella really feels towards Jacob and feel that confusion. I thought that strong emotional drive was left out between those three. Which sucks because besides the fight that's the only thing that happens. They did try though, you can't ever get a film to be exactly like the book. Unless it's 6 hours long. What they did fit in definitely shapes the closing to this story.

Taylor was the best in this movie. His acting is definitely improving. I've always liked Kristen Stewart but felt she did her best to show everyone her emotional struggles in the short scenes she had with them. Robert was pretty good, I felt like the director took a bit of his character away by having too many close up shots of Edwards face. And a lot of shots/lines made me laugh. There was so much corn all over the place it was like a Cob Fest.

If you like these stories you will love it. I thought it was just as good if not a bit better than New Moon do to more characters being added into the mix. The team work from the werewolves and them just being in it more was awesome. Great fight scene. Good corny love and some good laughs.


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