Tuesday, July 20, 2010

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2.5)

This movie definitely pulled all the stops to be a classic blockbuster. Right down to the motorcycle and leather jacket in the rain and the slow mo, bad ass walk to the finish line. Yeah, sure, I giggled at those parts because it has been done over and over again but that didn't mean it's necessarily a bad thing. Except...it was kind of bad.

Some bad guy stole some weapons and the G.I. Joe's have to go after them before they begin blowing up the world. Yup, that about sums it up.

Channing Tatum (main character) did his best. He was laughable in a lot of scenes but that wasn't always his fault. Some of the one liners in this are HILARIOUS and what makes them even more hilarious is that they were trying to be serious. His action face looks like "I'm bored" but he did his best and fit his part. Every other character was meh. The random Brendan Fraser cameo was weird...but hey, Canada represent!

I still cannot believe that Joseph Gordan-Levitt was the Cobra Commander. Just...like...whoa. Way to go make up and wardrobe. High five. A little too much like Vader in the end though.

Very summer blockbuster. The action was no brainer and fun. The story isn't all bad but the writing wasn't strong at all and I knew what was going to happen at least 30 minutes before it did. Definitely not a "thinking" film. Which is nice sometimes. So if you want to be entertained while you eat some chicken (like I did) then hit this up.


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