Friday, July 16, 2010

Inception (5)

This is the best movie I have seen in years and years. Since Lord of the Rings and The Matrix. Yes, it is that epically mindfcking amazing!

I will not say anything about the story except that it is about dreams. I think if you know even a little but too much than the whole ride is less thrilling and superb.

Leonardo DiCaprio was amazing as usually. It didn't even hit me how good he was until the very end when the credits rolled and I realized that yes, that was Leo I was watching. Ridiculously talented that guy. I could watch him for days and days...

Joseph Gordan-Levitt who is one of my all time favourites had WAY more screen time than I could have even hoped for. He was pretty much second in command. Amazing job once again with that character and all the stunts! Whew! Spectacular. It was such a rush to watch any scene with him. Amazing job on all the crazy scenes my man. My favourite scene was the main one with him in it (no spoilers).

Ellen Page and every single person who was in this movie was at their 100% best. No lies. Hands down. With a cherry. I was blown away by every single performance. Completely in the zone and nailed it. High fives for all!

Let's just talk about how fcking crazy amazing Christopher Nolan is. Not only is the directing A+ but the's the best script since The Matrix in my opinion. It's not like that though, I use that as reference as one film that actually changed my life (I know it sounds corny but it actually did). I actually will accept that it's better and more original. I left that movie feeling awake. Like my eyes were opened and I was seeing everything. It was like reading an entire textbook and getting that buzz...

Writing was perfection. The script...just...UGH!! No words. And the score. My God. The music had my blood flowing and my fist in my mouth with adrenaline and emotion.

This movie did not slow down for the audience. Oh no Sir. They strapped you in and you were on the craziest roller coaster imaginable. Then just when you think it's about to be over there's another drop...then another...and another...Climax after climax after plot twist after mindfck. Brilliant.

Literally breathless for parts of this film. My heart was pumping ultra fast and I couldn't look away.

There are just not enough words. I don't even know what else to say really. It was perfect. I cannot think of one single thing I didn't like about this film. Nothing. I tried on the entire 30 minute commute home but I couldn't.

And the ending...PERFECT. I loved it. Loooved it!


...I'm going to see it again tomorrow.


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  1. I'm so glad that there is someone else besides me who is as enthralled about this movie! And the score?! Are you KIDDING me?! I've listened to it over and over!! <3


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