Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Last Airbender (3)

About Aang, the boy who was destined to become the Avatar and keep harmony in the world. The Fire Benders have since taken over the planet and it is up to Aang to face his past and control his future and that of the entire planet.

I always love these sort of movies. Seeing how all the different characters moved the elements was just awesome for me. It was hard for me not to like this film because of that beautiful world they made but there were a few thorns in my side.

Noah Ringer who played Aang was actually decent. There were a few of his "angry" scenes that made me snicker a little but he rocked the moves so high five. Nicola Peltz who played Katara was also good except they started to give you her character but then took it away again and left her on the sidelines. Not sure what that was all about. Her brother Sokka, played by the good-for-the-eyes Jackson Rathbone, seemed almost unnecessary he was in so few scenes and yet they always stuck him in the background saying one liners. Strange.

Not entirely fond of the directing in this. I will say that. Best part about it was all the work special effects did with all the elements. Especially water. That was amazing. I was pretty vocal in my excitement throughout all of those scenes. Really liked it.

Hated how they left the end of the movie for a sequel. I really do not like when films do that. They cut the story in half so you have no choice but to see the next one. I want the choice. I like when there is an option for a sequel but there doesn't have to be in order to finish the story. *sigh* Can't win 'em all.

If it wasn't for the special effects this movie would suck the big one.


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