Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Lookout (4)

Wooo. My mind is still buzzing from that ending...

A 2007 film written and directed by Scott Frank.

About high school all-star Chris (Joseph Gordan-Levitt) who gets in an awful car accident one night killing two friends, wounding his girlfriend and ends up with him suffering from serious brain damage. He then tries to live his life via his to-do notebook and his blind roomie Lewis (Jeff Daniels) while working as a janitor at a local bank. One night at a bar he meets a new friend Gary (Matthew Goode) who later reveals his plans to rob the bank Chris works at and use him to achieve this goal. Is Chris smart enough to do the right thing or dumb enough to do the wrong. Or vice versa?

I guess by now you can tell I'm on a Joseph kick. I just cannot get enough of his acting. Yet again incredible in this film. I believe every time he forgets or lashes out and doesn't know why. Simple things like opening a can ends in him wrecking the apartment and sitting in a corner. I really did feel for Chris, even when he was doing the wrong thing.

Jeff Daniels was such a great surprise! I've always liked him. He played Lewis really well, it's never easy to pretend to be blind but I was watching his eyes and I say kudos to him. High five. Matthew Goode (aka dreamboat) was another nice surprise. I've liked him in every role I've seen so far too...this one was a little smaller but still. Completely likable. *nod*

The story really appealed to me. The writing was great and the characters seemed very real to me. Especially Chris. His story just...I was definitely crying for him. But also cheering for him. Awesome.

Another beaut film.


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