Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ninja Assassin (4)

This is hands down one of the best ninja/kung fu/fighting movies I've ever seen.

About a young ninja that decides to leave the orphanage that raised him which causes him to be hunted by his clan. Once he leaves he tries to stop their hidden cause and finds some help along the way, but his real battle must be fought alone.

Rain who plays the lead character Raizo was amazing. He could actually act which was nice. He also could kick more ass than a thousand shoes. The english researcher or whatever she was was pretty annoying. I wasn't a fan. Thought she could have played that character differently and better but she was just on the sidelines. The story itself wasn't half bad. It made sense and was constant which is rare in these types of stories.

Loved the fights. I've said that a lot for other movies that would kneel before this film in shame but this time I really, really mean it. Really. Such cool scenes. Almost as breath taking as the first time I watched 300. The two knives on a chain weapon was fantastic and the fights they choregraphed with them were intense. Very cool. A lot of different moves.

Some people would say this was too gory but for me it wasn't Kill Bill or 300 ish, it was actually realistic. Well, maybe not entirely, but more realistic than 300. If you cut someone in half at ninja speed you bet blood would fly! Some people might be grossed out by this, they do show just about everything (that includes some brains, bones and the like) but I thought it was awesome. heh.

Great action, okay story, amazing lead character and just about the best fighting I've seen since...well...Kill Bill or...well, not sure what other film I could compare it to.

Watch it!


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