Friday, July 23, 2010

Oldboy (3.5)

2003 South Korean indie film.

This film is messed up. Their tagline about sums it up: "15 years of imprisonment, five days of vengeance."

About a man who gets kidnapped one day and imprisoned in what looks like a cheap hotel room for 15 years. No one tells him why or speaks to him. One day he wakes up on a rooftop and instantly tries to seek revenge. But to who and for what? Will finding the truth set him free or imprison him again? Sometimes secrets aren't meant to be told.

I don't want to say more about the story because if you do watch this film then knowing more then you should will ruin it for you. The story is messed up though. It really is.

The acting was decent enough. The main character played some intense scenes but sometimes it was a bit much for me, his acting that is. A little over kill here and there but whatcha gunna do?

The story started out amazing. His imprisonment was the most exciting part. After that it kept building but then right when the climax was about to happen they flash back to a memory and the flow of the story gets thrown off to right field. I found this distracting to the point of losing interest. The build stopped and then 15 minutes later the climax came and then built again. Strange but different. I'm just not used to that I guess.

The very ending was hard for me to except...why would he want to forget again? That just seems weird to me. And the reason for his imprisonment seems WAY too crazy for me to grasp. Like, really, he deserved that because of what he did? I don't think so...

These things that 'ruin' the film for me actually make it stronger because here I am still talking about how I don't understand and why would this or that happen. Which is good.

So messed up.


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