Thursday, July 15, 2010

Predators (3)

I'm sure if you haven't seen the original that you at least know the story so I wont have to explain any plot at all because it's basically the same story but with different characters (sort of, same personalities though).

I liked seeing Adrien Brody play a role like this. It's nice to know that he can go from drama into and intense, 8 pack, killing machine of manhood and lust (okay, maybe a little too far). Everyone else was just...there.

At first I thought it was lame because, besides how they initially got there, all the characters were exactly the same as in the original. They were in some jungle and what not too. Then I noticed a bunch of the lines were the same as well and that had me puzzled. At one point I got bored because I knew exactly what was going to happen because they didn't even bother to re-write the script except to add in a few aliens and some other minor twists.

Even though it was, to me, the exact same as the original except more corny and less exciting I still liked it in the end. I did. Sort of. Not the very end, that was not a good ending, but the bit before that.

I'm not sure what to think of this. If it was an original idea I would probably rave about how it was new and exciting and I loved it. Yet, it was the exact same fcking story with almost the exact some fcking characters...

I liked it because I liked the original. I love the original and I'm sorry Adrien but no matter how hard you try you cannot be Schwarzenegger but you were still pretty awesome. Actually, besides the Predators, Adrien was the best part.

If you like the Predator movies you will like it...if you can get past it being the same thing but made to suit the 2010 crowd. I mean, I didn't hate it, but of course I wouldn't if it was basically a remake of what I already like.



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