Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RIP: A remix manifesto 5/5

One of my all time favourite documentaries. Not only because it's Canadian but because of what the film is all about: copyrights.

It doesn't need much of an intro/explanation because the discussion is really about culture and having the freedom to share culture. Watching this film always re-instates my belief that media is culture and therefore it is and should be in the public domain.

And we may all thing: copyright = America. That is not true. At all. Copyrights are everywhere. Especially to my Canadian peeps out there. This is just as important to us. Especially since new laws are being written every year that makes it harder and harder for us to have the freedom to share and discuss our culture. Everyone needs to watch this film so that you know and understand what is happening here. It's not about control or protection, it's all about who gets the most money in the end.

The arguments are pure and well organized and this documentary is also visually and musically stimulating. It's a fun watch.

You can watch it for free (and legally) here:


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