Monday, July 5, 2010

A Single Man (4.5)

I haven't seen a movie quite like this since The Hours and that movie literally left me on the floor in self awareness and contemplation.

About a gay man who's life long lover dies in a car accident and his attempt to live his life as best he can without him. One day it seems too much and he begins to make preparations but life steps in and reminds him that he is alive. Will that be enough?

Colin Firth (George) is extraordinary in this film. Absolutely stunning. I generally love him in every movie but this time may actually be my favourite roll that he has done. He seemed so real. I felt a lot of love and connection to him throughout the entire film. Julianne Moore (Charley) added a nice touch but her appearances were sort of the bridge to this amazing song. Both Nicholas Hoult (Kenny) and Matthew Goode (Jim) were good supporting actors along side Mr. Firth. I am totally in love with Matthew Goode...just saying.

This is a serious movie with a big, broken heart but with some great intense scenes and some slight humour to bring it all together. Characters were great, a few shots were breathtaking and Colin Firth is at 150%.

I felt like I was born again after this movie. That my life was put back into perspective. The narration done by Colin added that extra layer that solidified this film.

Just. Amazing. One of the best dramas I've seen in awhile. I'm still in shock.


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