Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (3.5)

I love nerdy movies like this.

About a boy Dave who one day runs into a strange man (Nicholas Cage) who tells him he will be the greatest sorcerer in 1000 years. 10 years later this man finds him again and begins training him. At the same time evil sorcerer's are on the move, planning something that will destroy the world. Will Dave find his courage and his power in time?

I know that you may roll your eyes but I still love Nicholas Cage. I just love watching him in films. He just, has something about him that I find appealing/entertaining and no matter the role I always enjoy him in all his movies. Best part of this film for me...besides all the cool magic.

Jay Baruchel (Dave) was decent. I still don't know how I feel about this guy. I sort of find him annoying. It's not just the voice, which by the way I cringe at sometimes, it's just that I don't entirely believe him when he acts. Not yet anyways. I hope he's one of those actors that proves me wrong but I'm not so sure. For this role though he was well suited and did his part.

Dragons. Magic. Spells. Good vs. Evil. Just enough humour. I honestly was hoping for more magic stuff than they showed but I'm glad they formed some more story around the characters. That was key to feel some connection to an 1000 year old tale.

If you like fantasy-esque, dragons and magic stuff then you'll be entertained by this. Light and fun. Some cool fight scenes and N. Cage all up ons. Good times. I was very entertained and grinned like a fool a lot. But I always love these silly movies.


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