Monday, July 12, 2010

The Time Traveler's Wife (4)

I wasn't sure about this movie which is why it has taken me this long to watch it. I liked it. It not only quenched my womanly thirst for romance but my nerdy side with all the time travel talk. Sweet.

Eric Bana plays Henry who is a time traveler. He comes and goes and shows up at different places and there is no telling when he leaves again. He meets Clare who is played by Rachel McAdams and they fall in love. Can you still love someone when you never know when they will be there or not?

This movie reached out to a lot of common couple problems and didn't hold back on some of the harsher scenes. Eric and Rachel were pretty good as a couple. I loved Eric Bana in this film. Rachel McAdams was just...sort of par in my eyes for this movie. Eric was completely in it and so handsome and amazing. I believed his growing older and all of his struggles.

My favourite thing about this was, besides Eric, the time travel. Learning what it is and why it happens was so interesting to me. I loved that he kept coming back and coming back and where he would end up. Loved this character a lot I guess. haha.

I enjoyed myself. I had some tears here and there and some laughs too. Not really a 'chick flick' in my opinion but it was formed around love. Generally a good story with some cool time travel knowledge. Very interesting.


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