Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Ugly Truth (3)

About Abby (Katerine Heigl) who is a television producer on a show that is going down hill. Her boss then brings in Mike (Gerard Butler) who has a show talking about what guys really look for in a women. Abby is disgusted by this man yet he brings the ratings up. Abby then meets Colin (Eric Winter) who is actually her dream man and Mike promises Abby that he can help her get Colin and keep him but is it Colin that she really wants?

I laughed quite hard in a lot of scenes due to the awkwardness with Heigl's character Abby. She was hilarious. I liked her a lot in this film. Gerard Butler wasn't really funny more than just pretty and in a lot of cases came across as a major creep.

The story is pretty basic. I knew what the ending was going to be and called any major plot 'twists' about 10 minutes before they happened but it is a standard romantic comedy so what do you expect. I enjoyed Butler as the main guy because he wasn't the typical romantic figure but rather disgusting but with a soft heart...kind of like majority of guys really. At least the ones I've met...

Anyways. Pretty funny. Some of the scenes had me covering my mouth murmuring "Oh no, oh no...!" and laughing. Yet the story was super obvious. Entertaining though.


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