Saturday, July 10, 2010

Uncertainty (4)

An amazing independent film starring Joseph Gordan-Levitt and the beautiful Lynn Collins. Looking at life based on the decisions we make. One decision made can completely change your day and sometimes your entire life.

Looking at two ways July 4th could work out for Bobby and Kate. One decisions leads to them finding a cell phone in a cab that is connected to illegal doings and they begin running (literally) for their lives. The other decision leads to a family dinner, intense conversations, finding a cute dog and going home together. Both stories could have happened...what would be your choice?

The entire movie was just amazing. I am still buzzing from it. I love, love, love movies that look at the flip side of that story. That yes, one decision we make can literally change our lives. One morning you wake up and your life could just blow up in your face. These characters that were written are just you and me. Young people that are looking life in the face but don't know where to go or what to do. The writing was amazing. The stories coming together/working side by side was perfect. Actually perfect.

By the end of this movie I was, just...whoa. Feeling like I lived both of the stories with the characters. What a ride.

Joseph Gordan-Levitt was spectacular. This man can act. I have never not loved him in any film he has done (to date) and I jump for joy when I see that he is working on another film. I believe him when he acts, what more do you need? Lynn Collins was amazing, especially coupled with Joseph. She shone all on her own but when they looked at each other or kissed I was right there with her. Such a beautiful, talented actor and I cannot wait to see her more!

Natural characters portrayed by great actors and writing to be inspired by and leave you buzzed by the end of the film. I really liked this movie.


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