Sunday, August 1, 2010

Coco Chanel (4)

Other title for this film is Coco Before Chanel.

About the story of Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel before becoming a major fashion icon. Taken to an orphanage at a young age and forced to grow up on her own, Coco goes through some highs and some very lows before deciding it was time to be who she wanted to be. Singer by night, seamstress by day and mistress to few, she struggles to find her way and luckily for all of us she did.

I am not interested in or really understand fashion. I've never been one to follow fashion or think of it historically but this film did that for me. It made me think that one women one day decided she wanted to wear pants and take off her corset and because of that I can sit and watch this movie in my XL pajama t-shirt and short shorts.

All that aside I love the story. Her life is amazing to watch. I'm not sure if any of the film was fictional or if they tried to keep it as real as possible but I was so into this character and her struggles. I was suffering right there with her and cheering her on as she fought back against the oppression forced on her again and again.

Most of this connection was due to Audrey Tautou (Da Vinci Code, Amelie) who played Coco and is one of my all time favourite actresses. I love, love, love watching her in movies. I always feel so emotionally connected to her. When she smiles, I smile. When she cries, I get angry. And the smile at the very end of this film had me beaming with female pride and happiness. Raw, raw, raw!

This movie was more of a chick flick than anything and not because of the fashion. There is actually very little of her making things and talking about clothes. Most of it focused on her growing up and falling in love, getting her heart broken and taking chances in order to get where she needed to be.

Beautiful story. Amazing to watch Audrey Tautou. Not a lot of fashion mumbo-jumbo and just enough humour to lighten the mood.

I really enjoyed this film.


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