Friday, August 27, 2010

The Experiment (4)

Based on the true story about a psychological study where applicable males were placed in a prison setting. A few of them were picked as guards and the rest as prisoners. They have to stay there for 2 weeks with only 5 rules to guide them. Any rule breaking results in a red light indicating the experiment is over and no one is to be paid. Now all that's left to do is to watch...and try to stay alive. Is man really more evolved than the ape?

I have read about the real experiment many times. It's come up time and again when people discuss how far the 'everyday man' will go to stay alive/make some money. What's more dangerous: people who have power or people who only think they have power? The things that happen in this movie are revolting and mind&body churning which only makes you think of how brutally awful the real thing really was. I can't imagine. I'm going to have nightmares as it is from only watching the Hollywood version.

Adrien Brody was astounding in this performance. Mind you, I can't say I've ever not liked anything he's done, but I could relate to this character almost 100%. I can't even explain to you in words how amazing he was...I forgot that he was Adrien Brody and not Prisoner 77. Fantastic.

Forest Whitaker was scary as all hell. Just as frightening as his performance in The Last King of Scotland but maybe even more so because he could be my neighbour or a relative in this role. Everyone did a fantastic job in this film, really strong group of actors.

I liked how they showed a bit of back story, especially for Adrien's character. That was important. I liked how each person had a little snippet of info from their pre-experiment lives that was shared with us but I honestly wanted a little more. I wanted more about the results and actual study rather than just characters but then it wouldn't be as exciting and more of a documentary (I guess). Even a little blurb about the real experiment at the end and what happened to a few of the people would have made me a little more happy but I understand their choice in keeping that from us. Having that open ending type of thing.

I was yelling. I was crying. I was covering my face. I felt sick to my stomach at some parts. What an emotional and terrible ride (terrible in the it-was-so-good-it-hurt way). Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker were absolutely fantastic.

...I want to throw up now. Take caution but watch this film. It'll be worth it.


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