Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gran Torino (4.5)

A bitter, old man loses his wife and begins swirling into his solitude and angry ways. One day a gang after the next door neighbours kid spills into his yard and when Walt takes it upon himself to 'rid' them of his property he unknowingly saves the boy next door. This makes him a neighbourhood hero. But at what cost? What will the gang do to get back at him and more importantly to whom will their revenge really fall on?

When this movie first came out I really wanted to see it but when it hit the shelves I couldn't find myself getting past the first part of the film. Not sure if I just wasn't in the right mood for a film like this at the time or if my preference in films has changed in 2 years but whatever the case I loved it with a capitol L this time around.

Clint Eastwood, once I got over his gross raspy voice, was amazing. I was laughing and shaking my head at his character. Reminded me a lot about my own grandpa actually which was nice to be able to relate like that. Really though, everyone has one old, ahole man in their lives you just can never believe what comes from their mouths. Well played Mr. Eastwood.

Bee Vang who played Tao, the boy next door, was surprisingly awesome. I thought he held his own when next to Big Man Clint. Ahney Her who played Tao's older sister was really good also. Actually everyone was good in this film. Hats off to all.

The story is amazing. It really is. Nothing about it was sloppy, over done or under done for that matter. I also enjoyed the way this movie flowed. It was slowly moving towards a climax it was a lot of ups and downs followed by one huge event that had me in tears.

I liked the ending. While it was happening I was a little bit disappointed but soon after realized that the ending I was hoping for would have ruined everything this film was about. So I'm glad they didn't do what everyone was wanting. Hats off again for that.

This was a nice breath of fresh air after a long line of average films that I've been watching of late. I'm sorry I doubted you Mr. Eastwood. You still got it. Some parts were a bit slow but were still really interesting. Hell, the action was far superior next to The Expendables for bleeping sakes.

I highly recommend this film.


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