Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Horse Boy (3)

A documentary about a family who finds out their 4 year old son has autism. He is drowning more and more every day in this uncurable, misunderstood illness. One day the father puts his son on a horse and he instantly becomes relaxed, begins speaking and smiling. Stunned by this discovery his parents make the tough decision to take him around the world to Mongolia, where horse back riding began and where some of the most powerful Shamans reside. Will this work or only cause more harm to the boy?

My summary doesn't really do this story justice. There are so amny levels in this film and the fact that it's real people and you're watching this little boy suffer adds many more emotional layers to this documentary.

The visuals were not as stunning as I was hoping for considering they were in Mongolia but the story wasn't about the scenary. There were too many shaky and panoramic/too-long-on-one-shot scenes that I found distracting.

This is a great film to watch not only to see how to live with autism or how hard it is but to see the paranormal side of the story: the Shamans and their traditional healing. Do you believe that it worked? That autism is curable through pray and ritual?

Interesting little film. Worth a gander and leaves you thinkng about how you percieve things and how your vision and beliefs can change you.


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