Monday, August 2, 2010

[REC] (3.5)

A 2007 Spanish horror film.

A reporter and her camera man do a special on fire fighters during the night hours. A call comes in for an emergency regarding an elderly women in an apartment building. Everyone shows up and all the neighbours are on the base floor complaining about what is happening. The police are already there and they bring the firemen and reporter upstairs to investigate but what they find is nothing anyone has ever seen before. Soon everyone is fighting to survive, the only question is...who hasn't been infected yet?

This was a beautifully executed horror film. We have the slow beginning with the main characters that builds into something no one can figure out and then with one final twist the last few remaining must try to make their way out.

At first I felt like the movie wasn't going to go anywhere. I was a bit bored to be honest. Then as more strange things start happening and the plot builds I got more into it. Finally the suspense was at its maximum and I just need to know what the hell was going on (which was one sentence that was repeated over and over again by all the remaining characters).

The acting was nothing special and was a little annoying, but that's generally what I say about horror films. My favourite character was the camera man who we never get to see.

I had read that this was a break through horror film and it did so well that there is a sequel to this which I have yet to watch. In my opinion it was okay. I wasn't really scared more than I was annoyed at not knowing what was happening. The twist just added to that. They never really tell you what the hell is going on. I guess that was their choice. Maybe in the second movie they tell you.

I will say that the image at the end of the movie is what made this one for me. That last 15-20 minutes I was covering my mouth with my hand just waiting and anticipating what was to come. Creepy, creepy image there (no spoilers, you'll understand if you watch it).

Not really that scary so if you scare easy just make sure you're prepared for the last chunk of the film. Over all for an indie Spanish film it was amazing. As a horror movie it was better than 60% that I've seen. Definitely worth checking out.

Still something about only being able to see where the flashlight is that freaks me out. Adds that extra anticipation that makes these films worth while.


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