Friday, August 20, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (4.5)

I don't feel like telling any bit about the story because it's best going in not going. All I will say is that it's based on a comic book.

This movie was awesome for me for so many reasons. I shall try and explain them all.

I have been waiting since Arrested Development to like Michael Cera again (who played Scott Pilgrim). I have watched almost every movie he has done during and since then but I couldn't like the guy only because he's Canadian and I should. This movie, thank the heavens, made me LOVE him again. I am now a fan of Michael Cera. A proud, happy fan. Thank you for that Michael.

It's been awhile since I've seen a well done action/comedy. By that I mean that both the comedy and the action are equally as amazing. This film did that so well. This whole film was smooth. All the scenes were, well, smooth. There were no weird edits or awkward pans/shots/close ups that had me rolling my eyes. Nothing distracted me I guess is the more direct thing to say here. It was nice to just be able to watch a film for a change. I had no choice, I was glued to that screen. Fcking hilarious!

I laughed from start to finish. The fight scenes were actually perfection (for that style anyways). The characters were amazing to watch. I loved that it was actually set in Toronto and not Toronto pretending to be another city. It brought it that much closer to home. Watching it, in a Toronto cinema, watching these people right next door to where you live and work and hang out on the weekends. Really surreal.

I don't have anything bad to say about this movie. Not really. I completely loved the style with the comic book feel added in. The "kabows" when people got hit and the video game noises. Awesome. So cool.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was so entertained and just all around impressed with this Canadian film. I highly suggest seeing this film!

Ps- I fcking LOVE you Kieran Culkin!!! 'Nough said.


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