Sunday, September 12, 2010

The American (1.5)

A man (Clooney) works for a secret agent, not only as an assassin, but as the person who manufactures the weapons. He is in hiding in Italy when a new job comes up. He takes it...but without knowing how it will effect him in the end.


It was a stretch for me even to write that much of a synopsis as nothing happens in this damn film. Seriously one of the most boring pieces of art I've ever been unfortunate enough to witness.

Movies starts. There's some chick. Something goes down. He hides in Italy. Hangs with some priest. Makes some weapons. Sleeps with some whore who he falls in love with. Likes butterflies. Tries to quit...and then we all know how well that goes down.

No surprise. No acting involved (from what I could see). No fights. A 4 second car chase and some boobs later and it's over. So lame.

I have nothing else to say about it except that I would give it a worse rating if George Clooney wasn't in it but even then, he didn't add much. Which sucks. Why Clooney, why! You were doing so well...


Go see that piranha movie or something instead...


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