Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (4.5)

Two brothers are down and out and decide to rob a mamma pappa jewelry store. One hitch: it's run by their own parents. Robbery goes down, things get messy, personal life falls apart even more and suddenly the brothers find themselves worse off than before. Now they have to fight for their lives instead of for money.

Philip Seymour Hoffman...


You are...impossible. Fantastic. Just. Guh. Some of your scenes...your face, just...


Ethan Hawke. Fan as always. You played the innocent yet stupid brother part very well. I know you weren't technically the main character but I wanted to see more of you in this movie. I know why that wasn't possible and why this is a completely bias opinion because I've always liked you...but still.

This movie is more amazing than I can sum up. I'll name a few things:

1. The characters. Delicious.
2. Relatable material. Realistic to a T.
3. Twists and turns at every glance.
4. NOT your average robbery movie. In fact, the robbery part was nothing compared to all the emotional and personal drama going on.
5. Even though this was a drama through and through the action was always there. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Even though it wasn't really an action film. I was in complete suspense.

Okay, enough with the numbers.

This film was brilliant. All of it. The transition between the scenes. The use of time and characters. The deep plot. The fantastic characters. A story that we can all relate to. Some scenes that had me relating back to my own life....

Heavy. Smart. Brilliant. Beautiful.

And an ending you think you know until it happens...


ps- Philip....GUH!

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