Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Buried (5)

Paul wakes up to find he is buried alive and has no idea why.

That's all you should know when going in to watch this film.

I wanted to burst with tears by the end of this movie due to the pent up stress and anxiety I had in my chest. I literally had a headache that started about half way through the film and built right until the credits rolled. I was pulling my hair, closing my eyes, swearing at the screen and clenching my fists. I was also laughing though, which was a nice surprise, at some of the scenes. You would think that would take away from the seriousness of this film but quite the opposite. It made Ryan Reynolds character all the more real...

Speaking of which. Wow. Just wow Ryan. You have...you just...20,000 points my friend (although you are not my friend but I wish you were). I cannot believe what you went through in order to get this film to us, the viewer. I thank you though. I'm not sure if anyone else could have played that character as well as you did. You made him real, gave him just enough humility to make me believe that one day I may wake up in the same situation and act the same as he did. Which was crucial, at least I think so, in making this movie so personal to everyone who watched it.

I can almost not put into words how fantastic, talented and refreshing the writing (Chris Sparling) and directing (Rodrigo Cort├ęs) was. You would almost think that they were the same person but alas, they were two whole people coming together with such an intense amount of talent that it was flawless. And if that weren't enough, Ryan completed this wondrous trio...I almost want to use the word perfection. Perfection.

At first I was bothered, or distracted would be the better word, by the constant movement of the camera when any close ups were happening. I quickly realized that it was because the camera was the character and vice-versa. When he was anxious the camera was more shaky. when he lost focus, the camera would zoom on awkward things or pan without reason to something and back again. Beautiful connection. If he was breathing fast, the camera was moving with him. Just...ugh! So. GOOD. Buh!

I mean, I could keep going and going. Go on about the lighting, the editing, the effects and the suspense and how I was a ball of tension and how even the characters on the phone seemed so real yadda yadda...

But you should really just know that you MUST ALL watch this film. Something like this only happens, well, this particular one will never happen again. Ever.

Ever. My hat is off and my respect is 100%.
Best suspense movie I may have ever seen...


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