Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The High Cost of Living (4.5)

If you'd like to look up the plot you can head over to imdb because I feel like this is another one of those films where it's better not knowing anything about it before going in. Luckily for me when I skimmed over the plot before I did just that, skimmed it, and had the story all messed up so it was a lovely surprise when it all came together.

All you need to know is that it's one of the most beautiful yet very tragic stories about love. That's all that this film boils down to really; a love story. Not one that is technically enjoyable but it is emotional and beautiful.

I would just like to say hurray for Canadian films! It always feels more personal to me (for some reason) when a good film is Canadian (which I am too).

I've been a fan of Zach Braff for years. He's one of those actors where there is just something about him that I am attracted to. Not like, "omg he's so hot" (but, yes), but just something about how he is...I like watching him on the screen. His character was magnetic; I couldn't look away from him when he entered a scene. Some of his solo scenes made my chest heavy. I was very connected with him from the first. Wonderful.

Isabelle Blais was fantastic. I am almost at a loss for words because I want to make sure I explain how raw and wonderful she was in this movie. Anytime she was crying I felt like I would do anything to make her stop. When she had anxiety or anger I was right there with her. Feeling what she was feeling. That's some strong stuff.

I couldn't actually relate to what these characters were going through. I have never been pregnant and I don't know what it's like to be a drug dealer (guess I'm giving some story away now...but not really) but I still felt so emotionally connected to both of them the whole film. They both sucked me in and held on to me from start to finish which was, well, really great. Doesn't happen enough.

Apologies for my awful explanation of things right now, apparently I'm exhausted. I will try though to do better because this film is really something special.

The director and writer Deborah Chow deserves a million gold stars for this. The story was beautiful. I know I keep saying that but it was. There are so many different love stories and I thought I had seen them all but this one was different. The characters felt so whole that they filled every scene. The dialect was perfect and some of the scenes had me holding my breath. Stories like this don't happen as much as they should but this one nailed it.

I don't know, I really liked it. It was a solid piece of cinema and you all know how much I love good characters and a good story and this film gave me lots of both.

Also, the ending...perfect.


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