Monday, September 13, 2010

Jucy (4)

A pair of amazing BFF's have a "womance" going on that may actually be ruining their chances of finding boyfriends and may be ruining each others lives at the same time. A goal is set: in 2 months one must have a super hot boyfriend while the other must have a super hot new job. Change isn't always a good thing and maybe they aren't as great of friends as they thought...

Fantastic film. I will be honest (as I always try to be) in saying that when I first watched the trailer for this film that I was worried that I wouldn't like it. I'm not one for chick flicks/womance movies (not generally). This movie blew me away. I felt so in love with these two girls. These amazing pair who were just...fcking hilarious and beautiful beings!

Francesca Gasteen plays Lucy and Cindy Nelson plays Jackie (get it, Jucy) and both of these actors are incredible. I wanted to be their friend too!! They were average, everyday kind of girls but that's what made them so fantastic. They weren't trying to find their curves or any other part of themselves. I was emotionally so attached to them that by the end of it I was I was saying goodbye to my best friend after an amazing night of laughter and stupidity.

The writing is awesome. The directing is fantastic. Acting A+. Comedy was fcking amazing, I laughed my ass off (well, not literally, but pretty much). Soundtrack was rocking. Even the film itself, the look of it, was beautiful.

Only thing was that the beginning of the film was a bit shaky but by the time the credits rolled it didn't matter at all.

Two big assed high fives to all.

This movie is playing at the Toronto International Film Festival at this very moment. If you have the chance, make time for this little gem. I promise you'll want to call your best friend as soon as the film is over.


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