Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Machete (3.5)

A man gets two timed by the people he works for, but they screwed up...they didn't kill him. Now the only thing getting in the way of revenge are too many bodies to cut and so little time.

A beautiful and classic Robert Rodriguez film. The style, fights, gore and yes, women, were all Rodriguez. So if you liked Grindhouse, Sin City, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, From Dusk Till Dawn, or any other amazing Rodriguez movies like these than you are sure to love this one.

Danny Trejo who plays Machete was awesome. I mean, his character is pretty one-liner and no laughs but there is something about the way he plays it that just worked. Also, him fighting...whoa. This guy can can fight.

Robert De Niro was a great surprise but I wasn't overly impressed. He wasn't in the film all that much so I guess I can't really judge. I actually liked Jessica Alba in this movie. It hurts me a little to say but she held her own and kick some ass. I've always been a fan of Michelle Rodriguez and this film was no exception. She was awesome. No idea why but I just love what she does.

Steven Seagal. I cannot express my dismay upon realizing he was a part of this film. I hate that guy man. I can't even laugh at him I dislike him so much. *sigh* I suppose for something like this it worked but...every time he was on the screen I sighed a little. Can't help it. Can't see past the Seagal.

Or the Lohan... *double sigh and face palm*

Action was super awesome with just enough gore (maybe even a little too much, but nothing overly puke worthy). I enjoyed the story too, I liked how it all came together in the end. The only thing that was weird was the fact that what happened at the very beginning of the movie slowly faded into something meaningless as the film went on. I thought that was weird considering how intense the beginning of the movie was and how much that meant to Machete but then it was mentioned here and there...then nothing. Weird.

The end was lame. I just sort of shook my head, but everything before that was awesome.

Overall good characters, great story and some wicked action. Yup, I guess it's easy to say that I enjoyed this film.


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