Saturday, September 18, 2010

SUPER (3.5)

A less than impressive man loses his wife to her addictions, drugs and alcohol, and she leaves him high and dry one day. He works at a diner and has nothing else in his life to hold on to. He goes to get her back but gets the crap kicked out of him. Enter a comic book store with the quirky wanna be side kick girl behind the counter. He begins fighting crime and studying aka reading comic books. The girl knows its him and talks him in to joining the team. But what happens when their dream of stopping crime really comes true? Probably not what you'd expect...

This film was definitely not what I thought this movie was going to be about. Not saying that that means it was better or was crazy, well, fcking crazy as all hell. Really crazy. They didn't hide nothing. In fact, they showed to much sometimes. Far too much. Take a lot to make me look away from a movie screen, shaking my head, and mumbling "no, jesus..." under my breath. They did that. Once again, don't know if that was a good or bad thing. It just was.

Ellen Page is still the man. Even more the man now. I loved her character. She was 100% crazy. I mean, completely insane. Her laugh when she killed someone was

Rainn Wilson was really good. Can't say I've ever seen him in a film before so it was a little shocking to me when he started beating people and blowing things up. Thumbs up. Ya done good.

Kevin Bacon and Liv Tyler were bonuses for sure.

There were a lot of things I liked about this film. It was really funny sometimes but I was really wanting more comedy. It is technically a 'dark comedy' but I just felt there was more dark than comedy (I know, lame explanation but, whatever...). The characters were enjoyable but I felt like some scenes had no meaning. Like, they just threw them in there to make the audience turn their heads or frown in confusion. Like...the whole sex scene. Just, why and how?! What did that really mean/add to the film? ...weird.

The ending was actually really awesome. I had no idea how they were going to wrap this one up but it was surprisingly smooth and they threw in some good points that made you think.

...really, they were just two insane people. In my opinion. Crazy assed people/characters.

Interesting way of portraying the whole average-people-becoming-superheros flick. I'll give 'em that. They also made me turn my head because of the gore. I'll high five that.

I don't know, I liked it but I didn't...I'm still not sure.


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