Monday, September 27, 2010

The Town (4)

This movie is about bank robbers.

...and so, so much more.

You know those action flicks were they need to fill in some dialect in between all the shooting and fighting so they throw in some stupid, sappy, sentimental story that never works and makes you roll your eyes?

This wasn't one of those movies.

I can't say I've ever been a super Ben Affleck fan, but I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy a lot of the things he has done. I really liked him in this movie. His directing was damn awesome too. Not too shabby Ben, hat tip to you.

Jeremy Renner, most noted for his amazing performance in Hurtlocker, played the supporting role well enough. I haven't seen him in anything but the Hurtlocker and this film but his characters were too alike for me to really say anything more than he was good. Now I need to see him do an anti-badass role to make me a firm believer that he is as good as I think he is...

I'm not really a fan of the robbery-esque films. To me they are generally shrug worthy and a bit of a let down. I liked this one because it wasn't this one big heist. It was a build up and there were failures here and there instead of where they usually throw in the twists and spins. The pace of the film was perfect (at least I thought so). I mean, the fact that I'm commenting on the pace is a sign that it stuck out to me.

Good story. Not lame characters. I liked the ending but am not married to it. Ben was good. Action was awesome, lotsa guns and pow. I can see why so many people are loving this film. It will definitely surprise you.


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