Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Un Chien Andalou (4)

English title: An Andalusian Dog.

A ground breaking film for surrealism. Written by Salvador Dali and director by Luis Buñuel, this short film is 16 minutes long and you can find it on Youtube.

Made in 1929, it starts by showing the famous eye being cut by a knife scene and continues in a dream-like state for the rest. What may seem like random scenes at first are actually well tied together through images and the stories surrounding these images. For example, the ants in the hand is a sign that someone is itching to kill. The pianos have the 10 commandments on them. There is also good use of lighting and different ways throughout the film.

So many crazy images...really though, such a pure piece of surrealistic art.

I love Dali. He has always been in my top three artists of all time. His mind was something fantastic!

I think watching films like this is really important. It keeps things simple to the point that no dialogue, colour or music is needed. Just the story and a camera. Beautiful.


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