Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Waiting... (4)

A closer look at the people who serve you and make your food. Don't fck with them.

I wasn't expecting this movie to be that fcking hilarious. There were times when I was gasping for air. I mean, some of these scenes are golden. They remind me of those times in your everyday life when something is so hilarious that you swear "you can't write comedy like that!"...well, some of the stuff in this movie was like that. Also, the fact that I have worked in the restaurant industry means I could completely relate to every single person in this film.


I really liked how it was borderline what I call "college comedies", you know the boobs sex virgin college beers type, yet it stayed far enough away from actually showing anything that I really enjoyed watching it. Sure, they talked about sex and there's kissing, but mostly it's just all amazing dialect with ridiculous characters. I liked that. I am overly tired of the college comedy bullsht. It stopped being funny when I hit puberty.

Man, the one scene with the crazy angry waitress had me crying with laughter. And the big monologue at the end by the trainee was priceless.

Jolly good show all.

And Ryan Reynolds...I love you even more.

Such a solid comedy!


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